BGE StudioWorkshop

Everyone is an artist! BGE Studio Workshop is the space to express the artist in you! Programs change three times each year. Recommended for ages 2 and up.

Art programs in Studio Workshop are made possible by the Citizens of Baltimore County and by the Howard County Arts Council through a grant from Howard County Government


Adventure Expeditions

Travel back to 1920's Egypt for the adventure of a lifetime! Part physical adventure and part mental obstacle course, in this exhibit, you must decipher hieroglyphics and find clues that will lead you to a pharaoh's lost tomb!

Recommended for ages 7 and up.

Kick It Up! Brought to you by UnitedHealthcare
Get fit and healthy in our soccer and games stadium complete with electronic scoreboard and goals. Designed as an indoor soccer stadium, Kick It Up! is a unique exhibit that offers hands-on programs to get children's arms and legs moving and hearts pumping.

When children are not engaging in a friendly game of soccer, the field transforms into an interactive, ExerKid games arena where they can surf, snowboard, and skate through challenging courses on balance boards, ride bikes, compete in an "i-Dance off", and play challenging games against the electronic T-Wall.

Healthy messaging through visually compelling electronic signage in the exhibit provides helpful tips and facts on health and nutrition during play.

For a complete schedule of activities happening in Kick It Up!, check our daily Cool Things to Do upon Museum arrival.


Climb, crawl, jump, and slide through our three-story urban treehouse, KidWorks. Dare to cross a narrow rope bridge and who knows what you’ll find on the other side!

Please note: For your safety and comfort, KidWorks is a Sneaker Zone. Children and adults who plan to play and climb KidWorks must wear sneakers.

Recommended for ages 5 and up.

Please enjoy this social story, "How to Be Safe on KidWorks" that has been specifically created by Project ACT for the enjoyment of those attending Port Discovery Children's Museum.

Miss Perception’s Mystery House Exhibit *Permanently closing on September 17, 2017*

Miss Perception needs your help to solve the baffling case of the missing Baffeld family! Pick up clues left behind by Constance, Eubie, Abbie, and Ivy Baffeld using your detective-sharp research, literacy and problem solving skills.

Recommended for ages 6 and up.

Nano is currently traveling to various Baltimore County libraries through December 2017. 

Nano is an engaging and interactive mini-exhibition about nanoscale science, engineering, and technology for family audiences.Explore hands-on activities to discover the importance of things too small for the eye to see in nanoscale science.

  • Build a Carbon Nanotube
  • Play “I Spy ” to discover nano in familiar places
  • Compare the relative effects of static electricity and gravity
  • and more!

Nano is produced by the Nanoscale Informal Science Education Network (NISE Network) with funding from the National Science Foundation (NSF).

NanoFabulous is currently traveling to various Baltimore County libraries through August 2017.

Provided by the Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (MRSEC) at the University of Maryland with support from NSF and the University of Maryland Departments of Physics and Chemistry NanoFabulous is an interactive experience designed to help children and their families understand how scientists and engineers discover and invent things they cannot see. NanoFabulous includes five exhibit components that invite visitors to explore the processes and instruments that make nanotechnology a reality.

  • Discover microscopic secrets of surfaces on the Magnification Table
  • Enter the Cleanroom and how learn of scientists create new technologies
  • Try the Probes Station to discover the hidden shapes
  • Examine a microscope made entirely of LEGOS!

Royal Farms Convenience Store and Fill'er Up Station

Learn how to make healthy choices in a convenient world in this mini interactive convenience store! Pretend you are the customer or employee and stock and scan various foods. Check the items in your cart against the food pyramid to see how many healthy food items you selected. Be sure to fill the Royal Farms VW Beetle with gas and check its tire pressure before you leave!

The Royal Farms Convenience Store and Fill'er Up Station is generously sponsored by:

The Oasis

Take a break in The Oasis, a quiet room where families can lounge on pillows and read a book together, play a game or solve a puzzle.

During the week, join us for Circle Times at 11:30 am, with singing and storytelling for our youngest visitors. Visiting on a weekend? Check the "Cool Things To Do" list posted inside the Museum on the day of your visit for special Circle Time events.

The activites in this exhibit are appropriate for children six-years-old or younger. ALL guests are welcome but we ask adults supervise older children as they share this area with our younger guests.

Get Fresh! Be Healthy Corner
Located within The Oasis, The Get Fresh! Be Healthy Corner is an interactive exhibit that promotes healthy eating and highlights locations where fresh fruits and vegetables can be purchased throughout Baltimore City.

Get Fresh! Be Healthy Corner is generously sponsored by:

Tiny's Diner

In this realistic 50's style diner, kids can "cook" and serve food to their parents while using their math skills to ring up orders at the cash register.

Recommended for ages 2 and up.

Click Here to read It’s All Fun and Games in Tiny’s Diner:Preschool Programming in Unusual Exhibit Spaces written by Port Discovery's Early Childhood Specialist Betsy Diamant-Cohen and Director of Education & Community Enrichment Nora Moynihan

Special thanks to the IKEA Baltimore store for its generous support of Tiny's Diner.

Tot Trails
Infants and toddlers have a great new place to learn through play in a whimsical exhibit that celebrates Maryland's heritage!

Tot Trails was created as a learning environment where young children can explore and learn about their world, parents can learn about their children through interaction and observation, and the community can learn how innovative play educates our youngest learners.

While exploring some very unique landmarks and landscapes of Maryland, children and their caregivers will engage in hands-on exploration in a space that sparks imagination and inspires curiosity. Children will delight in the joy of reading and singing, while building language skills as they engage in our Mother Goose on the Loose story times and Jingle Jangle Music Time with our Museum educators. Infants will develop their gross motor skills and balance coordination as they can crawl, roll, and wiggle through cushioned, mirrored "tidal pools" and "dune walk." Young toddlers will test their problem-solving skills as they maneuver their way through the Mountain Trail and Paw Paw Tunnel, while exercising their imaginations by digging for fossils and playing with puppets. Visit after visit, caregivers will be encouraged to play, interact, and observe their child as they discover new ways to connect learning and play.

Special Programs
Bring your infant and toddler to these special programs that take place in the Tot Trails exhibit!

Mother Goose on the Loose
Read … Rhyme … Sing… Dance… Laugh… Love… Enjoy! You are your child’s first and best teacher. Join us for Mother Goose on the Loose, a research based, early literacy program for parents and children from birth to 3 years.

Wednesdays and Fridays: 10:30 am
Sundays: 1:30 pm

Jingle Jangle Music Time Join us for a lively interactive music experience that teaches basic rhythm through singing, clapping, and shaking shakers!

Wednesdays and Fridays: 11:30 am; 12:15 pm; 1 pm
Sundays:2:30 pm; 3:15 pm; 4 pm

Tot Trails is generously sponsored by:

The Tot Trails Book Nook is generously sponsored by:  

Wonders Of Water - WOW! *Closed Tuesdays Beginning May 30 for Cleaning*
Make a splash in this new wet and wonderful area of Port Discovery! WOW!, helps children understand human interactions with water in fun, exciting and interactive ways. Featuring: Earth Today (a real-time atmospheric display created by Animated Earth LLC featuring global data from NASA, NOAA and USGS), Water Chimes, Build a Fountain, Plumbers Park, Stream Table, Bubble Hoop and more!

Note: You will get wet in WOW!, but it's OK, there are slickers and crocs for everyone. You may want to bring a change of dry clothes.

Wonders of Water