Every year, Port Discovery sets aside days for children with special needs and their caretakers. The Museum staff reduces attendance, and lowers volume, sound effects, and lights. This is done so that children with physical and cognitive disabilities can truly enjoy the museum experience. Grant money is available to help pay for these trips. Funds and spaces are limited and early registration is advised.

Discovery Week runs November 9 - November 11, 2016 and hosts 400 children and their caregivers. This week serves inclusion and self-contained groups. 3 hr, group prices - $4.00 per child (reg. $10.00).  2 hr. group prices - Free per child (reg. $8.50).  Required adults are free.   Must call to register for special price. A deposit is required. Individual prices are available.

Tuesday: Portability Day! 
Autism and their Peers – Inclusion: All Ages.* Experiences include story times, visiting performers and special activities provided for this population. Children with IEPs welcome

Wednesday: Discovery Day!
Children with Special Needs – Self Contained: Pre-k to 2nd grade. Community organizations run booths offering resources to teachers and parents of children with special needs. Features special story times, and appropriate activities focused on the senses.

Thursday: Discovery Day!
Children with Special Needs - Self Contained: 3rd grade and up. These days offer special activities appropriate for children with special needs. Community organizations run booths offering support and resources to caretakers.

Friday: Be a Part of the Arts Day!
- Inclusion: All Ages* Offers art activities designed with the senses in mind, roaming dramatic and visual artists will be featured. Children with IEPs welcome.

Click here for the Discovery Week Flyer.

(Inclusion)  All Ages.* Discover Me Days are scattered throughout the school year to provide additional opportunities for children with special needs. Children are free to explore the Museum in the modified environment described in the first paragraph. Any children with IEP’s are welcome. Discover Me Days are Tuesday, January 26, 2016 and Tuesday, February 9, 2016. Call 410-864-2664 for more information. Various individual and group prices are available.

Space and grant funds are limited for Discovery Week and Discover Me Days. Stipulations apply. Group prices require 10 children.  Special prices are not available to current contracts.  Call 410. 864.2727 or 410.864.2664. Email  kgulick@portdiscovery.org

*Groups of children operating or functioning on a fifth grade level or lower may attend.

Museum admission is free for eligible Maryland school students. Advance registration is required. Contact Group Sales at 410.864.2727 or groupsales@portdiscovery.org.

Special thanks to Port Discovery's Discovery Days program partners:
  • PACT: Helping Children with Special Needs, an affiliate of Kennedy Krieger
  • Abilities Network/Project ACT
  • Walters Art Museum
  • National Federation of The Blind
  • Kennedy Krieger
  • Astro Events

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