What are scripted stories?
Scripted stories are designed to script out situations for children so they know what to do, when to do it and what the outcome will be. These stories were originally created by Carol Gray to help children with autism understand what to do in social situations.

Port Discovery scripted stories script out various situations and environments that children may encounter during a Museum visit. Scripted stories work best if they can be read multiple times prior to the event/situation, immediately before or during the situation as a reminder. Port Discovery offers the following scripted stories to ensure the best experience for children.

Click the links below to download social stories:
- "My Trip to Port Discovery" (PDF)
- "Rules" (PDF)
- "Tiny's Diner" (PDF)
- "Wonders of Water" (PDF)
- "Exploring the Adventure Expeditions exhibit" (PDF)
- "Loud Sounds" (PDF)
- "Dogs" (PDF)

Wonders of Water