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Helping Children Celebrate Diversity & Nurture Inclusivity

As parents, caregivers, educators and human beings – we all want the very best for our children. We want them to grow up to be happy and healthy, in a world where they can achieve whatever they want to accomplish in life.

How Play Helps Helping Children Celebrate Diversity and Inclusion

But, for as long as bias, racism, discrimination and exclusion exist, the truth is that our children’s health, happiness, and opportunities will be limited, affecting their goals, life choices, mental and physical health, and more.

What do we do? While there’s no one solution – one thing that we can all try is to raise children to celebrate and value diversity, and help children learn to respect, value, and include all people (Scholastic).  

What are diversity and inclusion?

Teaching Children about Diversity and Inclusion

Teaching children about diversity, inclusion and prejudice – from a very early age – is imperative to raising children who learn to celebrate and value diversity, and that respect, value and include all people.

As KidsConnect explains, diversity is about understanding that every person is unique, and recognizing the individual differences that make us unique. People are different in many ways – race, ethnicity, age, language, culture, religion, abilities, sexuality and more – and it’s important that children learn to understand the whole spectrum of diversity.

Inclusion is about acceptance – learning to identify, accept, respect and value people’s differences – and about ensuring that all people – no matter their differences or abilities – have equal access to opportunities and resources.

6 Tips for Helping CHildren Celebrate Diversity & Nurture Inclusivity

Six Tips for Helping Children Celebrate Diversity & Nurture Inclusivity

Diversity & Inclusion

Interested in exploring other resources about helping children learn about, celebrate, and embrace diversity and inclusivity? In addition to the articles referenced above, here are some resources we’d suggest:

Resources for Talking to Children About Race


Resources for Teaching Children About Diversity and Inclusion

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