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Museum on the Road

Museum on the Road brings Port Discovery right to your classroom!


Museum on the Road brings Port Discovery educators and programs right to your classroom! Take part in unique, hands-on art, music, STEM, and early literacy programs for PreK through 5th-grade students. Be sure to explore our programs and descriptions below, and schedule a program today! Contact Barb Henschel for more information at 410.864.2683 or  We also offer live and pre-recorded virtual programs for children, students, and classrooms!

Programs & Descriptions 

Early Literacy & Social Emotional Programs

Mother Goose on the Loose

Perfect for Playgroups, PreK and Kindergarten!

This interactive educational program is designed to foster early literacy skills in young children. Children participate in a variety of nursery rhyme activities using songs, puppets, books and musical instruments to foster speech and language development, motor coordination, self-confidence, and sensitivity to others. To learn more about this award winning program, visit

Classroom Programs: Visual Arts

Paper Marbling (K-5th)

Students will create unique and intricate designs on individual pieces of paper through the process of paper marbling! Their marbled paper can be displayed as an art form in itself, given as a gift or can be used as a medium to paint and draw on.

Stained Glass Stories (PreK-5th)

Go back to a time when stories were written in glass and discuss where we still see the art form today! Children will learn how images can tell a story, explore the colors of stained glass, and where the colors come from, as well as engage in a group storytelling experience. Each child will then use their imaginations to design and create two of their own colorful stained glass stories using multiple materials.

All About the Print (K-5th)

You Pick! Select for your class 1 of 2 unique printmaking experiences:

A.) Students learn firsthand how to make a block print and ink it onto their own fabric as well as the class tapestry.

B.) Students learn the process of collagraph printmaking through crafting their own collage and then printing the image onto paper

Cave Painting of Lascaux (PreK-5th)

Experience the 20,000 year old cave paintings at Lascaux, which serve as a prime example of early humans’ need for expression. Students will learn how early humans were able to create their own paint. Through discussion and hands-on art-making experiences, children will mix their own paint to create their very own cave painting!

Classroom Programs: STEM

Electrical Circuits (PreK-5th)

Both electrifying programs introduce young scientists to the power of electricity, how it is generated, how it travels, and it is used. Then, You Pick! Select for your class 1 of 2 unique experiences:

A.) Students create fun whimsical silly circuits with modeling dough and various connectors and lights. Grades 1st-5th

B.) Students work to create electrical snap circuits that turn on light bulbs, fan motors, play music, and more! Grades PreK-5th

Owl Pellet Dissection (PreK-5th)

Learn about various food chains and the importance of predators and prey in an ecosystem through an interactive story and games. Then, children will discover the diet of a barn owl by dissecting an owl pellet, and studying and identifying the bones and contents.

Slime Spectacular (K-5th)

Explore the career possibilities of chemical engineers! Children will discuss their favorite slime making materials, as well as walk through the steps and process of creating two of Port Discovery's slime recipes and participate in a fun compare and contrast observation session!

States of Matter (PreK-3rd)

Explore the three states of matter - solids, liquids, and gasses and use your whole body to demonstrate how molecules behave in these three states. Through a variety of hands-on experiments, students are wowed as a sold and a liquid create a gas, as a bar of soap “explodes!” by heating gas molecules, and as they create solid “worms” by mixing two liquids together.

Forensic Chemistry (K-5th)

Students will identify the Port Discovery cookie thief using chromatography to compare ink samples of possible suspects and determine which writing utensil matches the sample form the cookie thief's note. Then, further explore chromatography by creating wonderful colorful diffusion art pieces. Students will also explore dermatoglyphics, finger printing, fingerprint art and be able to identify what type of general fingerprint patterns are their very own.


Book a Program for Your Classroom! 

Contact us for more information about the experiences Port Discovery educators can bring right to your classroom! Contact Barb Henschel at 410.864.2683 or  Discounts are available when booking multiple programs and series. 

Scheduling Programs for Your Classroom


Programs delivered to your classroom are offered Monday through Friday from 10am-2pm. For availability on weekends, after school, or other hours, please contact us! 


Fees vary by program. Individual classroom sessions start at $250. Discounts are available when booking multiple programs and sessions. 

Please note: Pricing is based on programs booked as individual sessions. Additional fees may be charged for programs scheduled on weekends, outside of regular operating hours, and/or located more than 30 miles from the museum. Pricing may vary when more than 20 individual sessions are booked by one organization/group. Discounts may also apply.

Port Discovery Children’s Museum student visits and programs are supported in part by the Maryland State Department of Education. Programs and exhibits at Port Discovery are made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services, the Citizens of Baltimore County and by the Howard County Arts Council through a grant from Howard County Government. 

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