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Port Discovery is currently open on Saturdays and Sundays. We are operating at less than 25% capacity and have made a variety of other updates to provide you with a safe, fun experience. Plan Your Visit and Purchase Tickets Today! 

Reopening FAQ: What exhibits/areas are open/closed?

All exhibits and experiences within the Museum will remain open with some modifications. Some exhibits/areas may temporarily close for a short period of time during your visit to allow for cleaning/disinfecting. If an exhibit or area you'd like to visit temporarily closes during your visit, be sure to visit one of the many other experiences in the Museum and then come back to that exhibit another time during your time with us. 
Please note that exhibit status is subject to change at any time. The Museum may close an exhibit at its discretion at any time. 

Reopening FAQ: Is re-entry allowed? How will that work?

Yes. Re-entry to the Museum will be permitted, but please keep in mind that you'll need to show a receipt if you exit the building and then would like to re-enter.

Reopening FAQ: Will wristbands still be available?

To help maintain touchless interactions between guests and staff, we must discontinue the use of Port Discovery wristbands.

Reopening FAQ: Will experiences/exhibits be different?

Experiences and exhibits at Port Discovery will continue to encourage play, learning, and fun! We have made some modifications to experiences and exhibits to help maintain physical distancing, to prevent the sharing of some items, and to ensure that you will have a safe, fun, and exciting experience. Although you'll notice some modifications to exhibits and programs that we offer, you will still enjoy the memorable and magical Port Discovery experience you are used to.

Reopening FAQ: Will lockers be available for use?

Yes! Free lockers will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. Please use provided wipes to clean surfaces before and after use.

Reopening FAQ: Will water fountains be available for use?

Water fountains have been turned off. Our refillable water bottle stations are available for use. Feel free to bring a reusable water bottle with you for your use.

Reopening FAQ: Will food and drinks be allowed? Where can we eat?

Yes! You may bring snacks and drinks into the Museum, but snacks and drinks (with the exception of water and formula) will be strictly prohibited in the main Museum area/exhibit spaces. You are welcome to enjoy outside snacks and drinks in The Pier, but please keep physical distancing and sanitization in mind. We ask that you only share a table with the members of your group and that you wipe down tables before and after use using the cleaning wipes (for surfaces only!) provided in The Pier.

Reopening FAQ: Will I be able to bring a stroller? Will I be required to park the stroller or can I use it in the Museum?

Strollers will continue to be welcomed at Port Discovery. We ask that you keep your strollers with you during your visit, with the exception of areas like Tot Trails and Wonders of Water (you'll find signage regarding Stroller Parking in these areas). For the comfort of all guests, please be mindful of size/encourage umbrella strollers.

Reopening FAQ: How do I enter the Museum?

Upon arrival to the Museum, follow directional signage regarding our one-way entry areas, and then follow signage and physical distancing guidance as you make your way to our Box Office area. You will need to show a digital or print copy of your confirmation along with a matching photo ID upon arrival at the Box Office. Once checked in, you will be given a receipt as proof of purchase that can be used for same-day re-entry.

Reopening FAQ: How should I prepare my child for their visit to the Museum?

We are working on creating a social story that you can read and share with your children so that they have an idea of what to expect, and of how to play safely at the Museum when they visit. We'll share that story on our website as soon as it is available. In the meantime, you might review the video and information on  to help prepare for your visit.


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