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Port Discovery is currently open on Saturdays and Sundays. We are operating at less than 25% capacity and have made a variety of other updates to provide you with a safe, fun experience. Plan Your Visit and Purchase Tickets Today! 

Reopening FAQ: How should I prepare for my visit to Port Discovery?

While we’ve been apart, we’ve been using CDC, State, and Local Guidelines to implement a variety of new procedures to ensure a safe visit for your family – including required advance ticketing, significantly limited capacity, mandatory face coverings for all staff and all visitors ages 2+, leveled up cleaning and disinfecting practices, one-way directional experiences, and a variety of updates to the Museum experience to encourage physical distancing and reduce the spread of germs. Please also keep in mind that we will depend on our kids at heart (that's you, adults!) to help us by ensuring that you only visit the Museum when healthy, that you are washing and sanitizing hands regularly, that you follow our updated code of conduct, and that you are alerting staff to any concerns.

Please visit, and for more information on what to expect when you visit. 


Reopening FAQ: Are the restrooms open and how often are they cleaned?

Restrooms are open. Restrooms are cleaned multiple times throughout the day. The restrooms on the first and second floors feature some touchless features.

Reopening FAQ: What is being done about hands-on components in the Museum and exhibits?

You will notice less plush items, costumes, and other hands-on items that tend to be shared widely by our guests. We will also provide styluses for guests to use to push buttons and use other interactives as you explore the Museum. Please kindly return styluses after your visit so that we can sanitize them and use them in the future.

Reopening FAQ: How has the cleaning changed?

During our temporary closure, Port Discovery Children's  Museum underwent a deep clean with products that are both EPA recommended and certified disinfectants for use  COVID-19. All cleaning procedures closely follow CDC updates and recommendations that reduce the spread of germs. Port Discovery staff have been trained extensively on proper cleaning and disinfecting procedures following OSHA guidelines and safety precautions.  Daily Deep cleaning and sanitizing will take place after hours with electrostatic spray disinfection which kills viruses, bacterial, and mold.   In addition, all plush and fabric toys have been removed from the floor as per the CDC’s recommended guidelines. The Museum continues to offer toys and manipulatives for use by guests. In order to minimize the spread of germs, Port Discovery has created multiple sets of all our toys and manipulatives for all of our exhibits. The Museum will regularly clean, remove, and replace manipulatives from the floor to help minimize the spread of germs.  Find more details on our cleaning practices:

Reopening FAQ: What things are cleaned and how often?

The Museum is maintaining cleaning capacity at the highest level possible and has leveled up our already robust cleaning practices. Extensive cleaning and disinfecting will be taking place before, during, and after your visit to the Museum. You will notice staff cleaning and disinfecting exhibit areas, surfaces, toys, and more during your visit. In addition, loose parts in exhibits will be exchanged for clean ones after each public play session. Frequently touched surfaces will be wiped multiple times throughout the day. Find more details on our cleaning practices:

Reopening FAQ: What physical changes are you making to the building to enhance safety, such as reorienting the entrances and exits, putting up glass barriers, etc.?

We've made a variety of changes to the building to enhance safety and encourage physical distancing.

We've created one-way entrances and exit areas for visitors. We are requiring advanced tickets/reservations to manage capacity and to reduce contact and time required to enter the building. Floor graphics and signage are in place to promote physical distancing while in line, and plexiglass barriers have been installed at our Box Office ticketing stations to protect visitors and staff. 

To ensure there's plenty of room for play, learning, and safe physical distancing, we've significantly reduced our capacity and the number of tickets we sell on any day the Museum is open. As a result, you'll find that the number of people enjoying the Museum at any one time will be significantly reduced.

All exhibit areas will have recommended capacity limits based on CDC guidelines and the specific size and layout of each space. Exhibit capacity information will be posted and visible outside of each exhibit area. If an exhibit area is full, visitors are asked to visit another area and return to the exhibit later.

We've also created one-way entrance and exit points for the Museum, one-way linear paths for exploring each floor of the Museum, and one-way directional paths for stairways. Extensive signage and floor decals are located throughout the Museum to guide visitors during their visits and to encourage physical distancing everywhere.

We've also installed sanitizing stations throughout the Museum and require guests to use them upon entrance to the Museum and upon entrance/exit of each exhibit area. We also ask that guests wash their hands frequently while visiting the Museum.

We've installed Plexi-glass barriers in several areas throughout the Museum as well, including at our Box Office Ticketing Stations and at several exhibit areas as well.

Reopening FAQ: Are you improving the air quality in the building?

Our HVAC system has always been programmed to regularly bring in and circulate fresh air. In addition, with guidance from HVAC experts, we have upgraded to MERV 10 filters to help catch as many small particles as is practical.

Reopening FAQ: Will you offer areas for Mask Breaks?

No. But, we do understand that you and your family may need to take a break from your masks! To take a mask break, please exit the Museum. You can re-enter when you are ready using your receipt and with your masks in place.

Reopening FAQ: Will masks be available for free or purchase? What if I forget my face covering?

We get it - things happen. However, as a non-profit organization, we unfortunately cannot afford to provide masks to all our visitors. We will not be distributing masks to visitors. All visitors are expected to bring their own masks. 

Reopening FAQ: What if I can't wear a face mask?

At this time, Port Discovery is requiring all guests 2+ to wear face coverings/masks. If you have a concern, please call the Museum so that we can discuss. 



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