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Port Discovery is currently open on Saturdays and Sundays. We are operating at less than 25% capacity and have made a variety of other updates to provide you with a safe, fun experience. Plan Your Visit and Purchase Tickets Today! 

Reopening FAQ: Is there a limit on how many tickets I can reserve/purchase?

All ticket purchases/reservations are subject to limitations based on the available number of tickets for the session.  Subject to availability, Members can reserve as many tickets as there are people on the membership.

Reopening FAQ: Can I purchase a membership or upgrade my tickets to a membership during my visit?

Absolutely! Many new guests like to "try" the Museum before purchasing a membership. The purchase of general admission can be applied toward membership only on the day of purchase and only on a one-to-one exchange. Only tickets from one receipt/transaction can be applied to a membership. For example, if a visitor purchases five (5) tickets to the Museum and then would like to apply the purchase to the Family membership only the cost of four (4) tickets may be applied. Simply visit the Box Office during your visit to purchase a membership. You can also purchase a membership online at

Reopening FAQ: What if I have tickets that I bought that I could not use due to the pandemic? What if I have a unexpired complimentary pass?

If you have previously purchased tickets that you were unable to use due to our temporary closure due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we have extended the deadline to use them until December 30th. To use your tickets, or to use unexpired complimentary passes, please call the Box Office at 410-864-2744 and a Sales Associate will be happy to assist you.

Reopening FAQ: What if I have concerns after I enter the Museum?

We value and appreciate your feedback, and want to hear from you. We strongly encourage you to let us know about any concerns you have while you are visiting so that we can do our very best to resolve them. If you have any concerns after entering the Museum, please ask to speak with a manager so that we can find a solution. If you have feedback to share after your visit, please contact us at

Reopening FAQ: Will the Museum be open for $2 Family Fun Nights?

While we cannot currently offer our $2 Family Fun Nights, the Museum is now offering a monthly $2 Community Day where admission is $2/person (members and children under the age of one enter for free). Upcoming dates for $2 Community Day are November 22 and December 20. Advance tickets/reservations for all members and visitors are required. Plan ahead - capacity is limited and each event is expected to sell out. 

Reopening FAQ: Are you accepting any discounts?

We're sorry, but our online system currently does not have the capability to accept coupons or process discounts. If you have a valid coupon or discount you would like to redeem, please call 410-864-2744 to reserve/purchase your tickets over the phone.

Reopening FAQ: What if I buy tickets and can’t come on that day/time?

Tickets are non-refundable; however, we understand things happen! If you need to reschedule a reservation due to health concerns or other matters, you may be able to transfer your ticket to another date within 30 days by calling 410-864-2744.

Reopening FAQ: Can I leave the Museum and reenter on the same day?

You may leave and re-enter the Museum on the date that you purchased tickets for. If you exit the Museum, please be prepared to show your receipt to re-enter.

Reopening FAQ: Is proof of my ticket required? How do I redeem my ticket?

You will need to show a digital or print copy of your confirmation along with a matching photo ID upon arrival to the Museum. Once checked in, you will be given a receipt as proof of purchase that can be used for same-day re-entry.

Reopening FAQ: How much time does my ticket allow in the Museum? Will there be staggered times for entrance to the Museum?

Your ticket is good for the entire time the Museum is open on the date that you purchased tickets for. You may arrive at the Museum at any point during the open hours on the date of your scheduled visit, but your entire visit must take place before the Museum closes on the date of your visit. Tickets are only valid for the date selected at the time of purchase. Most visitors report spending approximately two to three hours at the Museum.


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