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Port Discovery is currently open on Saturdays and Sundays. We are operating at less than 25% capacity and have made a variety of other updates to provide you with a safe, fun experience. Plan Your Visit and Purchase Tickets Today! 

Are there any restaurants within walking distance?

Yes! We’re located in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, where you can find a lot of great dining options! There are a number of family-friendly restaurants and fast-food options within a three-block radius of the Museum, including Chick-fil-A Inner Harbor, Subway, Miss Shirley’s, and many more. Please check our Hotels, Restaurants, and Attractions page for additional information.

Are food/drinks available in the Museum? Can we bring food/drinks?

We offer vending machines for snacks and beverages in the Museum. Please note that there is not a café nor a restaurant in the Museum. Conveniently, many family-friend restaurants are nearby!

You are permitted to bring food and drinks into the Museum, but please note that they are not permitted inside the Museum exhibits. There is a designated eating area at Port Discovery in which you may eat your lunch or snacks. Space is available on a first-come, first-served basis. There is no access to refrigerators or microwave.

Does the Museum provide lockers and a coat check area?

Port Discovery offers a limited number of free lockers and a small area to hang coats. Please note that these facilities are used at your own risk and the Museum is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

Do you offer a Nursing Station? Where is it located?

Yes! You’ll find a private Nursing Station located in the toddler-focused exhibit Tot Trails. Mothers who are nursing and in search of privacy are welcome to take advantage of this new addition to Port Discovery.

May I bring a stroller into the Museum?

Yes! Port Discovery is a stroller friendly Museum. You are welcome to use your stroller throughout the Museum and can park your stroller in designated areas.

Is the Museum wheelchair accessible?

Yes, Port Discovery is wheelchair accessible. Elevators are available and you are welcome to use wheelchairs throughout the Museum.

If we leave the Museum, can we re-enter?

Yes. You will receive a numbered wristband upon purchase of your tickets that will allow you access back into the Museum throughout the day of your visit. Be sure not to remove the bracelets upon exiting if you intend to return. We will match each child to an adult upon exiting via your numbered wristband.

Is adult supervision required at Port Discovery? Can adults visit without children?

Adult supervision is required at all times at Port Discovery. An adult is considered someone 18+ with a valid ID.

Adults must be accompanied by children in order to visit Port Discovery Children’s Museum. Adults not accompanied by children must have an appointment to visit and must be accompanied by a member of the Port Discovery staff throughout their visit.

Should we plan on taking a break during our visit?

We suggest that you plan for breaks, but you certainly know your children better than anyone! Typically, visitors need three to four hours to explore the full Museum, and even then, not all visitors are able to experience all there is to do and see.

Repeat visits to the Museum help you explore more exhibits, and allows your child to benefit from exploring and trying things again and again. You’ll be surprised what they learn and how confident they become when they have the chance to do things more than once!

What should we wear when we visit?

Dress for play! Activity rules the day at Port Discovery, so we suggest wearing comfortable clothing and closed toe, rubber soled sneakers or shoes.We’d recommend not wearing high heeled shoes or boots, open toed sandals, or flip flops, and suggest removing all loose or hanging jewelry before you play. 

A few very important things to note:

  • Socks are required in the SkyClimber. We offer socks to borrow and to buy, and you are more than welcome to bring your own. 
  • Shoes need to be removed to use the SkyClimber. You’ll find shoe cubbies at the base of the SkyClimber to store your shoes.
  • If you plan on climbing the SkyClimber, you will be asked to remove and store anything that could become a hazard when climbing.
  • Shoes are required in other areas of the Museum, so when you’re done climbing on the SkyClimber, please put your shoes back on to explore.

We suggest packing a change of clothes if you’re visiting the Wonders of Water exhibit.


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