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Masks are Required for All Visitors 2+.  Online tickets are currently required for all visitors. Onsite ticket availability is extremely limited and not guaranteed. 


Museum Membership: How much does it cost to upgrade an existing Membership, and does my expiration date change?

The cost of an upgrade is:

  • $30 when upgrading from a Family to Family Plus (6 Person)
  • $50 when upgrading from the Family Plus to a Contributing Family
  • $80 when upgrading from the Family to a Contributing Family

Your membership expiration date remains the same upon upgrading to another membership level.

Upgrades cannot be applied to memberships purchased through Certifikid or third parties due to ACM restrictions.

Museum Membership: If I am not a member, can I apply the cost of general admission towards a Membership?

Yes, but please read on for details!  Many new guests like to "try" the Museum before purchasing a membership. The purchase of general admission can be applied toward membership only on the day of purchase and only on a one-to-one exchange. Only tickets from one receipt/transaction can be applied to a membership. For example, if a visitor purchases five (5) tickets to the Museum and then would like to apply the purchase to the Family membership only the cost of four (4) tickets may be applied. 

Museum Membership: How often can I visit as a Member?

Membership to Port Discovery allows you and your family unlimited visits to the museum for an entire year during our normal operating hours.

Museum Membership: How do I become a member?

A membership at Port Discovery Children’s Museum offers a full year of imaginative and purposeful play for your entire family! Enjoy unlimited admission and exclusive benefits like free member-only events, sneak peeks at new exhibits, discounts on birthday parties, and much more!

Enroll online via our Museum Membership webpage  or sign up at the Port Discovery Box Office during your next visit and receive your membership on the spot. (Please note that memberships cannot be purchased in the Members Express line.) You can also become a member by calling 410.864.2665.

General Info: What are the rules for the SkyClimber?

  • We recommend the exhibit for ages 5+. To go up and down the climbing structure, children must be 3+. To go down the Storm Slide, children must be at least 5 years of age and meet the height requirement. Children not meeting the slide requirement must go down the climbing structure. 
  • Adults are welcome to climb!
  • Socks (but not shoes!) are required to climb. You may bring your own socks, or you may purchase socks at the Box Office during your visit to the Museum. 
  • Shoe cubbies are available for your use.
  • No loose clothing, jewelry, drawstrings, or objects in your hands, mouth or pockets.
  • Look both ways and allow others to climb down first.
  • Children must be supervised by an adult at all times.
  • No climbing on the outside of the Climber or Slide.
  • Ask a staff member if you need any help and follow instructions.
  • The Storm Slide is very fun – and very fast! It’s a spiral slide and does travel quickly.
  • Only one rider at a time (single riders only). Ride feet first and lie on your back for the entire ride. Fold your arms across your
  • Please remember to put your shoes back on when you are done climbing. Shoes are required throughout the rest of the Museum.

General Info: Are certain exhibits or activities more appropriate for certain age groups?

We design exhibits and programs for children ages birth through 10. You can learn more about each of our exhibits and what ages they are geared to, what activities they include, what children will learn, and other play tips on our Exhibits & Experiences page.

You can also explore exhibits and experiences by age on our Activities by Age page.

General Info: What should I do if a parent or child becomes separated during a visit?

Occasionally parents and children are temporarily separated – which we know can be a scary event for everyone! Our staff is trained to look for and re-unite separated guests, but in the event you are separated during your visit to the Museum, here are tips to follow:

  • Pre-arrange a family meeting place before engaging in the Museum exhibits and activities. Instruct all family members to re-unite at this location in the event they become separated from one another.
  • Identify a Port Discovery Children’s Museum staff member with a radio or wearing a purple polo shirt. They will be happy to help you and your party reunite.
  • Try to remember identifying details about your party – in the event that a staff member is helping to find your separated guest(s), they’ll ask you questions like the person’s name, description, approximate height, what clothing they are wearing, etc.

General Info: Where can I find family friendly hotel accommodations?

For family-friendly accommodations near the museum, check out information on nearby hotels, restaurants and attractions. Check Visit Baltimore's website for other hotel options near Port Discovery Children's Museum and other Downtown Baltimore attractions!

General Info: Are there any restaurants within walking distance?

Yes! We’re located in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, where you can find a lot of great dining options! There are a number of family-friendly restaurants and fast-food options within a three-block radius of the Museum, including Chick-fil-A Inner Harbor, Subway, Miss Shirley’s, and many more. Please check our Hotels, Restaurants, and Attractions page for additional information.

General Info: Are food/drinks available in the Museum? Can we bring food/drinks?

We offer vending machines for snacks and beverages in the Museum. Please note that there is not a café nor a restaurant in the Museum. Conveniently, many family-friend restaurants are nearby and within a short walk from the Museum. 

You are permitted to bring food and drinks into the Museum, but please note that they are not permitted inside the Museum exhibits. There is a designated eating area at Port Discovery in which you may eat your lunch or snacks. Space is available on a first-come, first-served basis. There is no access to refrigerators or microwave.


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