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Port Discovery will be open from 9:30 AM - 5:00 PM on Wednesday, October 5 for $5 Community Day. Purchase Tickets. 

Important Information & FAQs 

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Port Discovery

COVID Protocols & Information to Help You Prepare for Your Visit to Port Discovery 


    What to Expect: COVID-19 Protocols 

    The same magical Port Discovery experience you expect, with some changes in place to help keep all visitors safe! Please review information about our safety protocols, cleaning procedures and more below. 


    COVID Protocols: Are masks required for visitors?

    Masks are optional inside of Port Discovery Children's Museum. Please kindly show respect for the choice of others to mask or not. We have made this transition based on the latest data and research supporting an easing of masking protocols in indoor settings, and in accordance with Baltimore City guidelines. We fully support anyone who chooses to continue to wear a mask going forward.

    COVID Protocols: Will the Museum’s capacity be reduced?

    Yes. In order to make sure that there's plenty of room for play, learning, and safe physical distancing, the Museum's capacity continues to be limited. Because we limit the number of tickets that are available for any one day, we highly recommend purchasing/reserving tickets online in advance of visiting to ensure that you can visit on the day and time that works best for your family. 

    COVID Protocols: What protocols and procedures have you put in place to make my visit safe and to reduce the spread of germs?

    Port Discovery reserves the right to implement health and safety procedures as needed to best protect our guests and staff. We continue to use and follow CDC, State, and Local Guidelines to implement health and safety procedures. Some of those procedures include limiting our total capacity for any one day, required advanced online tickets/reservations for guests to help control capacity, and cleaning and disinfecting practices to help reduce the spread of germs. Please also keep in mind that we will depend on our kids at heart (that's you, adults!) to help us by ensuring that you only visit the Museum when healthy, that you are washing and sanitizing hands regularly, that you follow our updated code of conduct, and that you are alerting staff to any concerns.

    COVID Protocols: What Cleaning is Taking Place?

    All cleaning procedures closely follow CDC updates and recommendations that reduce the spread of germs. Port Discovery staff have been trained extensively on proper cleaning and disinfecting procedures following OSHA guidelines and safety precautions.  Daily Deep cleaning and sanitizing will take place after hours with electrostatic spray disinfection which kills viruses, bacterial, and mold. In addition, you'll notice staff cleaning and disinfecting surfaces throughout the day, and some exhibits may be temporarily closed during your visit so that we can use electrostatic spray disinfection in those areas. The Museum continues to offer toys and manipulatives for use by guests. In order to minimize the spread of germs, Port Discovery has created multiple sets of all our toys and manipulatives for all of our exhibits. The Museum will regularly clean, remove, and replace manipulatives from the floor to help minimize the spread of germs.  Find more details on our cleaning practices:

    COVID Protocols: What is your sick visitor policy?

    Port Discovery Children’s Museum works to provide a safe and healthy environment for all guests. As part of our effort to create this environment, we ask staff and guests to avoid visiting the Museum when sick or showing signs of illness. Please also avoid visiting if you have been recently exposed to someone with COVID-19 like symptoms or a positive COVID-19 test result. We appreciate your help in maintaining a safe experience for all visitors and staff members. Review our Sick Policy,

    COVID Protocols: How are you handling hand sanitizing and cleaning?

    We've added hand sanitizing stations for your use throughout the Museum. We suggest that guests to sanitize their hands upon entry to the Museum, and before and after visiting each exhibit area. We also strongly encourage you to wash your hands frequently throughout your visit.

    COVID Protocols: What programs are being offered?

    We are excited to offer a variety of interactive programs at the Museum! Please check our Event Calendar to see what we will be happening in the Museum on the day of your visit. 

    COVID Protocols: Will food and drinks be allowed? Where can we eat?

    Yes! You may bring snacks and drinks into the Museum, but snacks and drinks will be strictly prohibited in the main Museum area/exhibit spaces. You are welcome to enjoy outside snacks and drinks in The Pier, but please keep physical distancing and sanitization in mind. We ask that you only share a table with the members of your group and that you wipe down tables before and after use using the cleaning wipes (for surfaces only!) provided in The Pier.

    COVID Protocols: Will water fountains be available for use?

    Water fountains have been turned off. Our refillable water bottle stations are available for use. Feel free to bring a reusable water bottle with you for your use. Pease only enjoy beverages, including water, and snacks in the Pier area. 

    COVID Protocols: What expectations do you have of guests?

    It takes all of us to create a safe, smart, and magical place to play and learn!  To ensure all visitors have a great and safe experience, we expect our staff, volunteers, visitors, and members to act responsibly and be considerate of others as we share this space. If you need assistance or see something odd, please let our Play Experts know how we can help. Thank you for doing your part to celebrate our community's diversity and provide a safe environment of inclusion and respect, where all children and the adults in their lives can interact, play, and learn! Please review our full Code of Conduct and Guest Expectations at


    COVID Protocols: I've received one of the available COVID-19 vaccines. Do I still have to follow safety protocols?

    Yes. Even if you or a family member have received a COVID-19 vaccination, you must continue to follow all of Port Discovery's safety measures.

    How Ticketing & Admissions Work 

    Port Discovery is open for play! Check our current hours of operation here. We currently offer two daily play sessions so that we can keep capacity low, giving you great opportunities to explore all areas of the Museum without crowds!


    Ticket Reservations: How do I purchase a ticket? Are reservations required for visitors/members?

    • To help us manage capacity and create a low-contact entry experience, we have moved to a fully online advance ticketing/reservation system.
    • Advance Online Tickets are required for everyone in your party, including members. Please purchase online tickets prior to arriving at the Museum to ensure that you can join us on the date and time that work best for you and your family. Online tickets and reservations will be available until sold out. If you arrive to the Museum without advanced tickets/reservations, admission may still be possible, but still must be completed online before entering the Museum.
    • To purchase or reserve your tickets, visit and choose the specific date and time that you'd like to visit. Fill out all necessary information and waivers and complete your ticket purchase or reservation.Children under one year of age and museum members enjoy free admission but MUST reserve an arrival time as well.

    • Important: Day-of and on-site ticket availability is extremely limited and not guaranteed. Because we have significantly limited the number of tickets that are available, tickets often sell out. We suggest purchasing tickets in advance of visiting to be sure you can enjoy the Museum on the date and time that works best for you.  

    • Your tickets will be delivered electronically and will be valid for the date you selected only.You will need to show a matching photo ID upon arrival to the Museum. Once checked in, you will be given a receipt as proof of purchase that can be used for re-entry for the date that you have valid tickets for.
    • Ticket reservations/purchases are non-transferable and non-refundable. This applies to members as well. If you need to reschedule a reservation due to health concerns or other matters, please call the Box Office at 410-864-2744 by 10AM the day of your visit and request to reschedule your visit to another date and/or time, subject to availability and a rescheduling fee of $5.00. Visits cannot be rescheduled after your purchased/reserved ticket visit date has passed. 

    • Please visit our Hours of Operation webpage for the most up-to-date hours of operation 


    Group Visits: Are walk-in groups allowed?

    Groups of 10 children or more must reserve in advance. Groups without a reservation may be turned away at Box Office. Due to capacity restrictions, bulk general admission ticket purchases are not allowed.

    General Information About the Museum to Help You Prepare for Your Visit 

    Planning a visit to Port Discovery and wondering what to expect? Review the information below, and also find helpful information on our Plan Your Visit pages. Plus, get a sneak peek at the Museum using our 3D Virtual Tour - and learn more about the three floors of exhibits you can explore at Port Discovery - and how you can play and learn in each of them. 

    Tips for Visiting Port Discovery

    Find helpful tips and tricks for your visit to Port Discovery in these helpful articles:


    General Info: What are the Museum's current hours of operation? Is the Museum open on holidays?

    Please visit our Hours, Admission Tickets & Discounts page for up-to-date information on the Museum's hours of operation. You'll find that we are often open on holidays and for school breaks - but always be sure to check our hours of operation before planning a visit! 

    Please note that the parking garage adjacent to the Museum often is unable to honor parking validations on holidays and/or school breaks. We apologize for the inconvenience.

    General Info: How much is Museum admission?

    Admission is $19.95 for individuals ages 1 and up. Admission is free for children under one and for Museum Members.

    All activities, exhibits, workshops, and performances are included with admission unless otherwise noted.

    For more information, check the Plan Your Visit Page. 

    To purchase tickets online, visit our online Box Office

    Group Visits: Are walk-in groups allowed?

    Groups of 10 children or more must reserve in advance. Groups without a reservation may be turned away at Box Office. Due to capacity restrictions, bulk general admission ticket purchases are not allowed.

    General Info: What if I have concerns after I enter the Museum?

    We value and appreciate your feedback, and want to hear from you. We strongly encourage you to let us know about any concerns you have while you are visiting so that we can do our very best to resolve them. If you have any concerns after entering the Museum, please ask to speak with a manager so that we can find a solution. If you have feedback to share after your visit, please contact us at

    General Info: What does my admission support? Why do adults pay admission?

    Port Discovery Children’s Museum is a 501(c)3 non-profit. Every dollar we raise through admission, donations, grants, and other funding sources is invested into the Museum and into the community. Your admission helps us pay for things like exhibits, programs, materials, maintenance, cleaning, electricity and more. Your admission and donations also helps us fund things like community access programs, outreach into schools, Judy Centers, YMCAs and other community locations, and much more.

    General Info: Are certain exhibits or activities more appropriate for certain age groups?

    We design exhibits and programs for children ages birth through 10. You can learn more about each of our exhibits and what ages they are geared to, what activities they include, what children will learn, and other play tips on our Exhibits & Experiences page.

    You can also explore exhibits and experiences by age on our Activities by Age page.

    General Info: What should we wear when we visit?

    Dress for play! Activity rules the day at Port Discovery, so we suggest wearing comfortable clothing and closed-toe, rubber-soled sneakers or shoes.We’d recommend not wearing high-heeled shoes or boots, open-toed sandals, or flip flops, and suggest removing all loose or hanging jewelry before you play. 

    A few very important things to note:

    • Socks are required in the SkyClimber. You are welcome to bring your own or you may purchase socks from our Box Office while at the Museum. 
    • Shoes need to be removed to use the SkyClimber. You’ll find shoe cubbies at the base of the SkyClimber to store your shoes.
    • If you plan on climbing the SkyClimber, you will be asked to remove and store anything that could become a hazard when climbing.
    • Shoes are required in other areas of the Museum, so when you’re done climbing on the SkyClimber, please put your shoes back on to explore. 
    • We suggest packing a change of clothes if you’re visiting the Wonders of Water exhibit - most guests report getting wet in this area! 

    General Info: Where can I park?

    There are a number of areas to park nearby the Museum. For details on how to get to the Museum and the closest parking convenient to Port DIscovery, visit our Location & Parking page.

    General Info: Are food/drinks available in the Museum? Can we bring food/drinks?

    We offer vending machines for snacks and beverages in the Museum. Please note that there is not a café nor a restaurant in the Museum. Conveniently, many family-friend restaurants are nearby and within a short walk from the Museum. 

    You are permitted to bring food and drinks into the Museum, but please note that they are not permitted inside the Museum exhibits. There is a designated eating area at Port Discovery in which you may eat your lunch or snacks. Space is available on a first-come, first-served basis. There is no access to refrigerators or microwave.

    General Info: Are there any restaurants within walking distance?

    Yes! We’re located in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, where you can find a lot of great dining options! There are a number of family-friendly restaurants and fast-food options within a three-block radius of the Museum, including Chick-fil-A Inner Harbor, Subway, Miss Shirley’s, and many more. Please check our Hotels, Restaurants, and Attractions page for additional information.

    General Info: Is adult supervision required at Port Discovery? Can adults visit without children?

    Adult supervision is required at all times at Port Discovery. An adult is considered someone 18+ with a valid ID.

    Adults must be accompanied by children in order to visit Port Discovery Children’s Museum. Adults not accompanied by children must have an appointment to visit and must be accompanied by a member of the Port Discovery staff throughout their visit.

    General Info: Does the Museum provide lockers and a coat check area?

    Port Discovery offers a limited number of free lockers and a small area to hang coats. Please note that these facilities are used at your own risk and the Museum is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

    General Info: Do you offer a Nursing Station? Where is it located?

    Yes! You’ll find a private Nursing Station located in the toddler-focused exhibit Tot Trails. Families who are nursing and in search of privacy are welcome to use this area. 

    General Info: Where can I find family friendly hotel accommodations?

    For family-friendly accommodations near the museum, check out information on nearby hotels, restaurants and attractions. Check Visit Baltimore's website for other hotel options near Port Discovery Children's Museum and other Downtown Baltimore attractions!

    How Play Sessions Work

    Port Discovery currently offers two daily Play Sessions each day the Museum is open. This helps us keep our capacity low, giving you plenty of room for physical distancing and the opportunity to explore all Museum exhibits and experiences without the crowds!


    Member Information


    Ticket Reservations: How should I use/reserve tickets for guests associated with my membership?

    Family Plus and Contributing members can still bring guests to Port Discovery at a discounted rate, but you must purchase guest tickets when making your ticket reservations. Admission for visitors and members is by reservation/advance tickets only. Capacity is extremely limited so tickets cannot be purchased on-site. To purchase or reserve your tickets, visit and choose the specific date that you'd like to visit. Your tickets will be delivered electronically and will be valid for the date you selected only.

    Ticket Reservations: How do I register for my member account so that I can reserve tickets?

    If this is your first time reserving online tickets, you will need to have your membership number to register your account. Review this How-To Guide for instructions. For assistance, email or call 410-864-2665.

    Simply visit and use your membership information to log in to your account. Reserve the tickets needed for your visit for all members of your party, including any children under the age of one.

    Ticket Reservations: I was unable to reserve a ticket as a member/tickets were unavailable. Why is that?

    We're very sorry for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding. To ensure that there's plenty of room for play, learning, and safe physical distancing, we've significantly reduced the number of tickets for each day. This means that you'll enjoy the Museum experience with fewer people, but that tickets may not always be available for the day you'd like to visit. At Port Discovery we continue to thrive as a non-profit organization that serves our community – so tickets are reduced total capacity to that more families can enjoy the Museum.


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