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3 Family Friendly Ways to Welcome 2021

Staying up ‘till midnight can be a toughie as a kiddo, but there are still so many fun ways you and your kiddo can celebrate the New Year!

3 Family Friendly Ways to Welcome 2021

Say farewell to 2020 and welcome the New Year with our fun ideas below.

1. Create a Family Time Capsule

An oldie but goodie - and can be done any time leading up to the New Year! Encourage your kiddos to get creative and reflect upon the past year and what they experienced, accomplished and are looking forward to in the next year. Whether they decide to write a note, draw a picture or a combination of both - they’ll be excited to look back on it next year! Keep the notes in a safe place, or you could even allow the kiddos to decorate a Dollar Store storage container to continue to use year after year!

2. Start a Memory Jar

Grab a jar or even a Ziplock bag to begin a family Memory Jar!

As the year goes on, have everyone in your family write down accomplishments, happy memories, big moments and other special memories on small pieces of paper, fold them up, and keep them in the Memory Jar. Then, on New Years Eve, you and your family can look back on all the memories and happenings from the year you included in your Memory Jar!

3. Celebrate with Noontime New Year at Port Discovery

Bedtimes aren’t a worry when you celebrate New Years with Port Discovery! Join us for an intimate and fun New Year’s Eve celebration that will have kiddos and parents smiling and enjoying a well-deserved day of play, fun, and time together as we say goodbye to 2020 (woohoo!) and hello to a new year!

However you choose to celebrate and bring in the New Year, Port Discovery wishes you and your family a safe and wonderful start to 2021.

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