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3 Self Care Tips for Kids (& Parents!)

No matter your age, it’s important to take time for yourself, de-stress and enjoy self care.

3 Self Care Tips for Kids (& Parents!)
Self care is all the rage right now for adults with the many stressors in today’s world, and we hope it's a trend here to stay! It’s also important to know that stress and anxiety doesn’t have an age limit or barrier, and can effect your little learner like it does yourself. 

Because there is no age limit or barrier on stress and anxiety, it’s important to start a self care routine, be self-aware of your own feelings and understand what you can do to help yourself feel better - whether you’re 5 years old or 55 years old! 

Not sure what you can do to help your little one (let alone yourself) get started with self care? We’ve got some super helpful tips for you below, including some free activity downloads you can enjoy together - 

  1. Unplug Together 

Because our world has now gone so virtual - work, school, family gatherings and more - it’s more important than ever to unplug from social media and technology - and as a family! 

Start small - make the last half hour you have together before bedtime be screen-free! Read a book together. Start reading a chapter book together! Take time to get cozy (pj’s and slippers!) and just talk about the day you had and how you feel about it. 

Important! Ensure you, as a parent, continue to unplug and stay off social media for a bit once your little one is asleep for the evening. Do something you personally enjoy and can relax while doing so! (Your little one is already asleep, anyway!) 

  1. Start A Self Care Routine Together

Don’t have a self care routine already in place? Start one together!

One way to start? Try out different activities together to figure out what you and your little one like!

Maybe each Monday evening will be a Movie Monday without a cell phone in sight, turn each Tuesday into Healthy Taco Tuesday and experiment with new and healthier taco recipes! Wednesdays could turn into a family exercise night to help with the mid-week slump - the possibilities are endless!

Plus, if a routine doesn’t end up working for you and your family, you can always just set time in your schedule to unplug together at home - no theme required!

  1. Enjoy Free Health & Wellness PDF Activities from Port Discovery Children's Museum

We’re here to help! Our Educators have created free, fun and educational downloadable activities that can help kiddos practive self care and wellness - and help you get a few minutes to yourself. 

Check out our Health & Wellness Downloadable Activities

View our full Downloadable PDF library of activities here!


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