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Port Discovery is open for play! The Museum is open on Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays. We are operating at less than 25% capacity and have made a variety of other updates to provide you with a safe, fun experience. Plan Your Visit and Purchase Tickets Today! 

3 Things to Know About Step Dance

Plus, join Port Discovery for a STEP Dance Workshop on Facebook Live Wednesday, April 8th at 2PM! 

Three Things to Know About Stepping: 

  • Stepping is a percussive style of dance that draws from a number of sources including the South African gumboot dance and a number of other pop cultural influences. (It’s drumming with your body!) 

  • Stepping was heavily popularized by Historically Black Fraternities and Sororities, but there are also schools teams, church teams, cheer teams, and professional dance troupes that perform step routines.  

  • It’s a great way to get moving that just about anyone can do! - Stepping is a whole body exercise that doesn’t involve any equipment (no clean up required!). You can adjust your moves to suit any age or skill level.  It can be done just about anywhere, with family, friends, or by yourself.  And don’t worry about music when it comes to this type of dance, because YOU make the music!  It’s versatile, it’s free, and it’s as fun to practice as it is to perform.      

Videos for Inspo: 

Keep the Fun Going: 

  • Try creating your own step routine!  Combine different claps, slaps, stomps, snaps, movements and more to make your own rhythms and beats. 

  • Check out “Step”, a film about the step team at the Baltimore Leadership School for Young Women.   

Watch the trailer here and read about it here

  • See our Movement Challenge Blog for more fun ways to stay active - coming soon! 


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