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3 Tips on How to Effectively Incorporate Music into Learning & Play at Home!

Children love music for numerous reasons like feeling competent when they learn the words to a new song, powerful when they bang a drum and proud when they create their very own dance.

Did you know that as children explore music, they can also be developing skills in math, literacy and social studies? The National Association for the Education of Young Children notes that teachers relate music to many diverse subjects and it’s easy for families to continue this learning at home! 

Keep reading for three tips from The National Association for the Education of Young Children on how to effectively incorporate music into your child’s learning and play while at home:

1. Play Music Made for Children
Lots of musicians have written music and sing about topics designed for children! With easy, simple lyrics, and catchy beats and melodies, children will love these songs that are easy for them to understand and learn. The ever-popular Baby Shark by Pinkfong is a great example of a song developed for young children that little ones love to sing, dance to, and learn about rhythm from!

2. Sample Music from Around the World
Encourage creativity and exploration in your little one as you play music from all different parts of the world. Encourage careful listening skills by asking them questions about the instruments and details they hear, encouraging them to focus on the sounds of different instruments, the rhythm of the music and the words of new songs!

3. Make & Play Instruments!
Who didn’t love making their own instruments as a child?! You can easily create this same fun experience for your child by utilizing old, everyday objects such as empty water bottles, empty coffee cans, sticks and pan lids as instruments! Pour a few dried beans into a water bottle and you’ve made a handheld shaker! Have a little one who loves drumming? Find an old, empty coffee can with a lid, give them an unsharpened pencil and you’ve made yourself a mini drum! Use pan lids as cymbals, kazoos for horns and have yourself a mini-marching band practice right at home! Enhance hand-eye coordination and rhythm recognition through physically playing your instruments together!

Incorporating music into your child’s learning and play at home is simple, fun and interactive! From listening to children’s music while at home or on-the-go with your little one, to enhancing their overall listening skills and making memories while creating at-home instruments together, these are just a few ways you can incorporate music into learning and play at home with your little one. 

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