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3 Tips for a Socially Distant (& still fun!) Halloween Celebration

Halloween's approaching - and you might be wondering how to keep the fun and spirit alive in a safe, socially distant & safe way! 

Socially Distant Halloween Tips

While 2020 has given us all enough scares for next few years, we’re here to help make upcoming traditional holidays feel just as fun even if they may not look like they did last year - starting with Halloween! 

  1. Incorporate a Mask into the Costume! 

Probably the easiest of them all this year! Just because it’s Halloween doesn’t mean the need for face masks goes away - and it only makes it easier for you to wear one! 

If your costume doesn’t already have a mask (think full masks like Darth Vader, Spider Man or Hulk!) - it can be easy-peasy to incorporate one into whatever costume you’re planning on sporting!

If you’d like to get fancy, know your costumes colors ahead of time and search for a cheap face mask that highlights any of those colors. Or, just be sure to put on your favorite reusable or disposable face mask before the night of fun begins!  

Kiddo telling you Anna or Elsa would never, ever, EVER be seen in Arendelle wearing a face mask? Ease their confusion by asking if they think Anna or Else would wear a face mask to protect their friends, family and keep the people of Arendelle safe - we have a feeling they’ll be on board :)

  1. Research Traditional Fall Activities Before Heading Out (Pumpkin Patches, Hay Rides, Corn Mazes!)

What is fall without pumpkin patches, corn mazes and hay rides?! Do your research before planning on heading out to your favorite local farms or fall activities to see what kind of safety precautions they’ve taken this season!

Some places have lowered capacity, require masks or even require advanced registration - so it’s important to take a peek and plan accordingly before you hop in the car.

Still not feeling totally comfortable? Enjoy the fun of fall right at home! Get some hay from Home Depot or locally, and build a scarecrow right at home! Pumpkin carving, treat baking and scary movie marathons can all happen from the comfort of your own home.

  1. Get Creative (Zoom Dance Parties, Backyard Movie Marathons & More!)

We’ve all become pros at the Zoom birthday parties and drive-by parade celebrations, socially-distant-backyard-hangouts, the across-the-street chat with the neighbors - you name it! 

Now it’s time to take all that expertise and use it for your family's Halloween celebration! 

You know what they’ll enjoy the most - whether it’s a newly designed, safe version of Trick or Treating at home, a backyard scary movie marathon with the neighborhood court or a Monster Mash themed Zoom Dance Party with long-distance family and friends - you and your family can still have a safe but spooktacular Halloween celebration - you just have to get creative! 

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