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3 Ways to Celebrate the End of the School Year

It’s almost that time of the year, Fans of Play! Graduations are among us and the end of the school year is nearing - yippie!

3 ways to celebrate end of school year While this school year has been extra challenging for teachers, students and parents alike - it gives us all the more reason to celebrate a break much needed by all.

Not sure how to celebrate the end of the school year with your kiddo? Looking for something new to add into the celebration mix? Keep reading to see our family-friendly ideas all ages will love: 

  1. A Trip To Port Discovery! 

Celebrate with a day full of PLAY! With three floors of interactive and educational exhibits to explore, including the four-story SkyClimber & Storm Slide, your kiddo will have non-stop fun - and maybe even an early bedtime! Plus, now through December 2021, kiddos can explore Animationland, locally sponsored by M&T Bank - an exhibit that let’s little learners dive into a world of storytelling and animation using science and their imagination!

Parents, as you’re exploring exhibits, ask your kiddo questions about what they’re seeing and if they learned about it this year. If you’re exploring Adventure Expeditions, ask if they’ve learned about Ancient Egypt in school yet! Exploring Wonders of Water? Ask if they’ve experimented with water during science class. The possibilities are endless! 

  1. Visit Alllll the Local Ice Cream Shops 

Nobody can deny that ice cream is the perfect end-of-school-year treat! But, do you know if you’ve visited all of the local ice cream shops nearby? Make it a family challenge to visit a new location every week as a sweet treat! 

Good news: Sunshine Whispers put together the Ultimate Guide to the Best Ice Cream in Maryland - featuring over 110 shops, categorized by county!  

  1. Screen-Time Detox 

Something teachers, parents and kiddos all need - a break from all the screens! Summertime is the perfect opportunity to spend more time together and even outside, allowing the constant need for screens to slowly slip away. Take advantage of the free time and replace it with time spent outside! From hiking, playground hunting, bike-riding and other kid-favorites, the screen-free possibilities are endless! 

However you choose to celebrate the end of the school year, know that you and your kiddo deserve a treat after this challenging year for all. 

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