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3 Ways to Celebrate Frankenstein Day With Your Family!

Let’s talk about Frankenstein!

3 Ways to Celebrate Frankenstein Day With Your Kids & Family

Frankenstein’s monster is big, green, and scary. He’s perfect for Halloween costumes and a fixture of high school English classes. Did you know that he has a holiday in his honor?

Frankenstein Day takes place every year on August 30, author Mary Shelley’s birthday. Celebrate one of the most notable figures of science fiction and horror with kid-friendly activities. It’s spooky fun for the whole family!

  1. Intro to Frankenstein

Your kids may be too young for Shelley’s original Frankenstein. It’s creepy enough to scare adults!

But there are ways to introduce the story to a younger audience. Check out early learning program HOMER’s animated retelling of the story, which breaks it down into a five-minute tale. This version of Frankenstein imparts several lessons, encouraging kids not to judge others based on appearance.

Take a few moments to learn about the author as well! PBS Kids show Arthur has a short clip about where Shelley came up with Frankenstein: while competing in a scary stories contest with her friends.

Ask your kids to come up with themed stories, just like Shelley. They can be spooky stories, funny stories, stories with animals — any sort of theme works! Afterwards, enjoy listening to each other’s tales.

  1. Frankenstein art project

Frankenstein’s monster was built from other bodies all put together. That’s what gave him such a strange appearance.

Challenge your kids to make their own Frankensteins’ monster — a new type of animal! Print outlines of several different animals. Have your kids use scissors to cut and paste together a new animal, that combines the best of other kinds!

  1. Frankenstein marshmallow pops

Want to take a bite of the Frankenstein story? There are plenty of recipes for monster heads made of marshmallows online! We like Just A Taste’s recipe, which coats the white marshmallows with green candy melts. Cook it up with your kid, and enjoy!

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