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3 Ways to Celebrate International Talk Like A Pirate Day on September 19th!

Arr, avast ye scurvy dogs! Search for buried treasure or you’ll have to walk the plank!

Talk like a Pirate Day

Can you guess what day it is? It’s International Talk Like A Pirate Day! Celebrated every year since 1995, this silly holiday is a great chance to let your imagination fly. Put on your peg leg and eye patch, because we have some great ways to have pirate play!

  1. Dress Like Pirates!

Anyone can be a pirate, hero and villain of the deep blue seas! All you need are some costumes and a little imagination. And the costumes come from material you already have in the house!

Send your kids on a hunt around the house for treasure. What is it? The various parts of your pirate costumes!

Newspaper  + black markers = pirate’s hat. Follow this instructional video from How To Stuff, and you and your kids can fold your own!

Black felt/construction paper + string = eye patch. Simply cut the felt/paper into a rounded triangle or circle. Cut holes for the string, tie around your head, and viola — one eye is covered!

Paper towel roll + pipe cleaners + tinfoil = sword. Glue several pipe cleaners about two inches from the bottom of the roll, sticking out horizontally from the sword. Cover the whole structure in tinfoil. You now have a shiny sword!


  1. Build A Pirate's Ship!

The ground is the ocean, and you can’t swim for very long! Better build a boat — quick! Use couches, blankets, and pillows to construct your very own pirate’s ship. Make sure to invite the whole family to play inside. Don’t forget to add a plank of pillows, and hope that no one needs to use it!

If you’re on a pirate’s ship, you’re probably at sea searching for something. Is it a secret island? What about a treasure chest, buried years before? Once you’re safely in your ship, draw up a map! It’s time for the quest to begin.

  1. Make Up a Pirate Play!

What’s a normal day on a pirate ship like? While you’re seeking your island, you may have a big fight with another ship, or a battle against a sea monster. There’s lots that can happen in the pirate life!

With tips from our At Home Theater blog, your family can stage an exciting pirate play. Create a pirate playlist, with songs like Disney’s “Yo Ho (A Pirate’s Life For Me)” or the theme song from Jake and the Never Land Pirates. Or put on the sounds of a gentle ocean breeze!

How about the weather? Bang on pots and pans to create spooky thunder. Shake maracas to create rain falling on the wooden ship. Dim the lights as the day ends, or turn them on bright if it’s an especially sunny day.

What was your favorite pirate activity? Did you make a map, or stage a dramatic battle against a shark? Send us pictures and videos — we’d love to see!


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