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3 Ways to Celebrate National Eat Outside Day on August 31st!

What are your plans for Monday, August 31? Preparing for the return to school? One last trip to the pool for the summer? No matter your plan, make sure to set aside some time for National Eat Outside Day, one of our tastiest holidays!

3 Ways to Celebrate National Eat Outside Day

We’ve got three fun ways to enjoy National Eat Outside Day. All of them will engage your kids from start to finish — get ready for a delicious day of learning and play!

  1. Backyard picnic

Together with your kids, prepare a little backyard (or front porch, or patio) picnic. Give them tasks to complete so that everyone is a part of the process. Jobs for your helpers can include asking everyone their food order, counting out enough napkins and utensils, and packing the picnic basket with heavy foods at the bottom. They’ll learn counting skills and be proud of their contribution to the event!

  1. Nature-themed salad and snacks

Enjoy the bright, cheery summer weather while eating bright, cheery summer snacks! Your kids can help you prepare summer treats that go well in the great outdoors. Have everyone pitch in by making a fruit salad, ants on a log, or homemade lemonade. You can also check out our Kid Approved Healthy Desserts, with recipes for natural fruit rolls and energy truffles.

  1. Ice cream and nature walk

National Ice Cream Day may be in July, but enjoying a frozen treat isn’t limited to any month! Make your own or stop by a local shop, and go for a nature walk!

Go for a day trip where you can see the best of summer’s nature. Explore the flowers at Cylburn Arboretum, get wet walking on Katie and Wil’s trail at Marshy Point Nature Center, or relax at Druid Hill Park before visiting the Maryland Zoo.

There are lots of options for enjoying the outdoors and having a summer snack. Ask your kids for ideas — maybe they’ll have a great plan in mind, too!


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