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3 Ways to Make the Most Of a Socially Distant Grandparents Day

Grandparents Day may look a bit different this year, but you can still celebrate with these easy-peasy ideas!

3 Ways To Make the Most Out Of A Socially Distant Grandparents Day

Some of our favorite holidays are Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Did you know that grandparents have a special day as well? On Sunday, September 13, celebrate National Grandparents Day with some of the most special grown-ups in your life, and your kids’ lives! 

Even from a distance, you can fully appreciate your own parents with your kids. Here are three ways to celebrate Grandma and Grandpa, whether they’re a few feet away or across the world.

  1. Read a favorite book!

Do your kid and Grandma have a special book that they both like? A bedtime story for younger kids, or a classic from her childhood that your little one loves too? Record your kid reading the book (or a chapter, if it’s a long one) and send the voiceover to Grandma. A personalized audiobook featuring her own grandchild is sure to bring a smile to her face.

  1. Put on a show!

Pop-Pop and Mom-Mom are always the best audience for homemade shows! Ask your kids to make up a special play just for their grandparents. It can even be about their lives and how they met! Take a video and send it over, complete with plenty of bows and curtsies.

  1. Order a favorite snack

What’s Grandpa’s favorite treat? Whether he likes saltwater taffy, boxes of chocolate, or the classic Edible Arrangements- style fruit, send him over a tasty gift. Make sure to bring your kids into the selection process! They’ll be excited to pick out what Grandpa will most enjoy. Another option is to cook something up yourselves!


It’s tough needing to stay apart from those we love the most. But with loving gestures, Grandparents Day can be just as loving as ever, no matter how much distance keeps us physically separate.

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