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3 Ways to Nurture Social-Emotional Skills in Kids

Social-Emotional skills are essential for connecting with others! But, in our currently-socially-distant-world, it can be more challenging to expose your little one to kiddos their own age, other adults, distant family members, and so on.

How can you help nurture your kiddos social-emotional skills in today’s world? Check out our tips below for simple ideas you can incorporate into your day-to-day life right at home:

1. Video Chats & Socially Distant Hang Outs

Between birthday parties happening via Zoom and FaceTime, birthday drive-by parades and the classic socially distant driveway hang-out sessions - we’ve all become pros at them by now!

With the fall season here and winter approaching, those outside play sessions may be coming to an end - so it’s time to get creative! Have your kiddo Zoom with their friends to show off their Halloween costumes before taking part in your own family’s spooky movie marathon. Take part in a socially distant fall picnic with family friends after apple picking! Drop off some of your homemade goodies to grandma and grandpa - there are lots of possibilities this upcoming season!

2. Enjoy Port Discovery’s Free Videos & PDF Downloads!

We have so many free activities available online that can help with your kiddos social-emotional skills, but in fun, and interactive ways!

Kiddos can explore their own emotions through our free PDF download activity, Emotions as Colors. Check out our Hi From the Sky Video Series featuring Mr. Derek and his friend Nimbus as they talk about all kinds of things like our own happy and sad feelings, finding silver linings in life, and more!

Interested in more? View the full list of Port Discovery Free Downloadable PDF Activities and YouTube Channel.

3. When You’re Ready, Plan a Visit to Port Discovery!

Another great way to help your kiddo’s social-emotional skills? Play! Whether playing alone, with siblings or parents, or other kiddos they may have just met, playing helps kids process their reactions, impulses and more! Have a day of safe, indoor playdate at Port Discovery as a family! With three floors of interactive exhibits available and additional safety measures in place, there are so many opportunities for your kiddo to engage their social-emotional skills among many others as they explore.

As you prep for your next trip to the Museum, we encourage you to read our full What to Know Before You Go Webpage and/or watch our Know Before You Go video, below.

We can’t wait to see you!


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