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4 Rainy Day Play Ideas

Rain rain go away… come again some other day. But today it’s okay if it rains, because we have fun family activities that are entirely indoors!

4 Rainy Day Play Ideas for Families

Sometimes you’re stuck inside on a rainy day. It may seem sad at first, but the plants are happy! Grass, trees, and flowers need rain to grow big and strong. Rain is their drink and their snack. Without it, they’d be hungry!

But what can you do while it rains? We have fun rain activities for everyone, no matter their interests. For even more fun, try all of the activities — or save some for the next rainy day.

  1. The Artist

Stuck inside with nothing to do? Now’s the time to create!

Start off with an exploration of the colors and the feelings behind them with our Emotions as Colors activities. Red is often seen as angry, while blue is calming and orange is exciting. Do you feel this way about the colors?

Now it’s time to create! Make an Original Character, or O.C., by designing someone out of cotton balls, cardboard, or drawings. Try our Photo Challenge by taking pictures of yourself and the world around you. Learn new techniques from Beth Yashnyk as she teaches about Mark Making Tools of Art.

Want a break from all of that creating? Take a look at some other artists! The Artist Market offers advice to young ones from working artists in Baltimore.

  1. The Storyteller

Stuck inside with nothing to do? Now’s the time to tell stories!

Start off by reading one of your favorite books to Mom or Dad. What happens in the story? What do you think would happen next? Write a sequel or an extra chapter — are there new friends, or a new place to visit?

Now it’s time to hop into the world of poetry! Read some of our favorites (including Baltimore native Edgar Allen Poe) in our Behind the Words blog. It sounds very different than speaking regularly — do you like it? Try your hand at writing poetry too!

Play some literacy games from Reader Pan and Tinker Spell! The Map Scramble and Lagoon Search both develop spelling skills in fun games.

End the day by listening to a good story. We recorded each chapter of The Wizard of Oz, a classic tale about magical lands (and Dorothy’s experience with her own bad weather). Listen to a chapter or two, and predict what you think will happen next!

  1. The Scientist

Stuck inside with nothing to do? Now’s the time to experiment!

Bring the wonders of the moon into your playroom with our DIY MoonDough and MoonSand experiments! The textures and colors look very different than the dirt in your backyard. Continue the space exploration with Rocket Building at Home! Either a balloon or an empty plastic bottle will mimic NASA’s own spacecraft.

Getting hungry? Why not try learning about the Science of Taste? Taste salty, sweet and sour foods while holding your nose, and see if you can tell what you’re trying! Don’t leave the kitchen yet — learn how to do the Bouncy Egg Experiment first!

Finish off with a fascinating lesson by Kenny Harris, NASA Engineer. He teaches all about Satellite Building (at home!).

  1. The Performer

Stuck inside with nothing to do? Now’s the time to perform!

We have four levels of At-Home Theater exercises. Learn how to create characters in Level 1, and how to travel around the world in Level 2! Then advance to puppet making in Level 3, and add sounds to your play in Level 4.

Why not add some music and dance to your performance? 3 Things to Know About Step Dance teaches a full-body dance style that’s all about stomping on rhythm. Add some music — perhaps a set of homemade drums or a new song, as suggested in 5 Ways to Have Fun and Easy Music Time at Home.

Finally, create your very own opera. Learn about the history (and fun!) of opera in Exploring Nessun Dorma. Then put on your own show, complete with costumes, sounds, music, dance, puppets… whatever makes the play!


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