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5 Kid-Approved Exercises for the Family

Sunshine and warmer weather has officially arrived - and what better time to get outside and get active as a family! Plus, May just so happens to be Family Wellness Month!

5 Kid Approved Exercises for the Family

In need of some new outdoor exercise ideas to enjoy together as a family? We’ve got you covered. Ditch the neighborhood walks to the playground and take a peek at some new possibilities for this year: 

  1. Participate in a Movement Challenge! 

A movement challenge is a fun way to get the entire family involved in active play, plus adds a bit of competition to the mix! Get creative with sidewalk chalk, take a 1-minute fitness break, or try out the Port Discovery Fitness Challenge!

The Port Discovery Fitness Challenge features a FREE PDF Download with activity ideas and space for your kiddo to keep track of everyone’s personal best! 

  1. Go On A New Hike! 

Hiking is a simple and great way to get outside and active together as a family! Not sure where to head to next? Baltimore blogger & Mom, Rachel Zillig (@Baltimorefamilyfun) put together a list of five outdoor adventures her and her kiddos love to enjoy - take a peek for yourself!

  1. Make A Day of Exploring New Playgrounds

There are oh-so many playgrounds to explore in Maryland - so spend a day gathering addresses, packing a lunch and head out for some outdoor play!

Not sure of what playground you might be missing out on? Take a look at Sunshine Whisper’s list of 20 Playgrounds Around Maryland!

  1. Ask Your Kiddo What They Enjoy & Get Creative 

Does your child have a favorite warm-up activity? Do they love jumping jacks, sit-ups, or maybe even joining in with your morning yoga?

Find out their favorite way to get up and moving and do it together! Even if your kiddo says “dancing” - there’s no wrong way to get up, get active, and have fun doing it! 

  1. The SkyClimber at Port Discovery Children’s Museum! 

Soaring four-stories up into the air, the SkyClimber builds upper body strength and gross motor skills in those who climb up the rope netting using their arms and legs, building confidence along the way.

A workout for both kiddos and parents alike, the SkyClimber is a great way for parents to get active and have fun alongside their little one - creating memories they’ll never forget!

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