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5 Senses of Winter

Is winter your favorite season? We love winter — from savory foods to snowball fights to cuddling on the couch, the cold weather offers lots of family activities. Here are five ways to have fun in the winter — each one appealing to one of the five senses!

5 Senses of Winter

Sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch — we all use the five senses everyday to understand the world around us. Here’s a kid-friendly day of exploring each of the five senses!

Sound + Sight

When it’s cold outside, it’s time to pile on the warm clothing! Listen to the different sounds as you pull on your snow apparel. What sound do snowpants make? How about zippers on your coat? Does the world sound different with earmuffs on?

You can also design new winter clothing! Try drawing the perfect winter outfit. Maybe you’re wearing all white to match the snow. Or maybe your dog or cat has a snow hat to fit them just right!


What would winter be without a good, old-fashioned snowball fight? Pull on your warmet clothes and head outside to make snowballs! Make them in circles, and see if you can make them in other shapes too — how about a snowsquare?

If there’s no snow outside, that’s ok — you can make your own! Find a white piece of paper, fold it diagonally and then in half, and use scissors to cut designs along the edges. Follow a guide, or make your own snowflake creations!


Take a break from the snowballs to relax for a moment. Ask your kiddoss to lay down in the snow (or sit up, if they don’t want to get wet), close their eyes, and breathe deeply. Everyone can take the moment to catch their breath, and also to reflect on the surroundings. Does the snow smell like anything? What about other smells — garbage trucks, or fire from a chimney? 

You can reflect on the other senses as well. With the snow blanketing the ground, the world may feel more quiet than usual. Use the break to be a part of the quiet, and then get back to playing!

Baking is also a fun way to enhance your sense of smell during the winter months - from cookies, soups, candy and more - ask your kiddo what they smell around their favorite wintery treats!


It’s been a long day of play. Are you cold from all the snow, or burning up at the idea of more fun? There’s a good snack for either option!

If you’re chilly, now’s the perfect time for a warm mug of hot chocolate. Use a mix, or combine some cocoa powder, white sugar, salt and milk for a cozy and steamy treat.

If it’s too hot even with the low temperatures, make a cool glass of chocolate milk. Fill a glass up with milk and your favorite chocolate syrup, mix it with a spoon or crazy straw, and you’re ready to drink! Don't forget a cozy blanket, good book or your kiddo's favorite movie to enjoy together! 

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