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5 Tips for Helping Your Child Transition to Preschool or Kindergarten

Starting preschool or Kindergarten is an exciting time for both you and your child – but as with any new experience, it can be a bit overwhelming.

Our Education Team has put together some tips to help you transition your child to preschool and Kindergarten so they are excited and ready to learn on their first day of school!

  1. Become familiar with the school your child will attend. Some ideas to help include driving or walking by the school your child will attend and taking a few trips to tour the school and visit the classroom your child will be in. The more comfortable your child is with their environment, the less likely they’ll be fearful of their school experience – and the more likely they’ll be able to concentrate on learning activities.
  2. Make school a part of your regular conversations. Make it sound fun rather than scary or sad. Starting school can be a bit of a sad transition for parents, but it’s a big and exciting step for our children. The more you talk about school and the types of things your child will experience – from reading to art activities and field trips – the more your child will understand and be excited about what lies ahead.
  3. Join in activities that are similar to ones your child will experience in school settings. Join in language and literacy programs, like story times at local libraries and cultural institutions. Participate in playgroups – or involve your child in activities or classes where they’ll interact with other children and follow along with simple instructions. If your little one isn’t ready for Kindergarten, consider enrolling them in a preschool program where they’ll work on school readiness activities and engage with other children.
  4. Work with your little one on school readiness activities. There are a number of skills you can work with your child on to prepare them for school. Skills that are helpful for children entering Kindergarten to have foundations in include language and literacy, physical well-being and motor development, mathematics, and social foundations. (Source: Ready at Five).
  5. Settle into the school routine. A few weeks before your child’s first day of preschool or school, try adjusting their routine to the one that they’ll follow once school begins. For instance, adjust bedtimes and morning schedules to fit the ones that you’ll need to follow so children get to school on time.


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