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5 Ways to Have Fun and Easy Music Time at Home!

Integrating music into your daily routine, or keeping it there, is extremely important for all learners, especially while learning at home!
Play at Home Tips sponsored by M&T Bank

Being exposed to and practicing music as early as possible in a child’s life allows your child to develop social skills, practice fine and gross motor skills (and, eventually, become better athletes!), grow confidence, explore emotional expression, learn patience and discipline, and develop literacy, math, and cross-disciplinary thinking skills!

Not only that, but playing with music is a lot of fun.

Here are some quick and easy tips for bringing music into your child’s daily routine!

Tip #1: Check out our Spotify playlists!

Port Discovery is on Spotify! There, we have curated many different playlists that you can put on for your child to listen, sing, dance, and play to. Encourage them to sing and dance along, and if you have instruments at home, break those out, too! 

Tip #2: Create makeshift drum sets!

Many things around the house can be made into a drum! With your child, explore what objects you have that could be safely used as a drum, that would not be broken or damaged. It can be as simple as the floor! Other suggestions that are sturdy include pots and pans and hardback books; however, encourage your child to explore how hard things and soft things sound different - how does the hard floor sound different from this rug?

Tip #3: Listen to something new!

Being exposed to new music is great for people of all ages, of course! Breaking away from repetition teaches us to think critically about what we are listening to, thinking about how other people listen to music, and leads us on a journey of music discovery. Choose an instrument, composer, or musical genre you don’t know much about and listen to what it has to offer!

Tip #4: Challenge yourself to change the words to songs!

Pick a catchy song you already know and love, and try to change the words to fit a completely different topic! These are called parody songs, and using this exercise will not only help your learner get creative, but is a great exercise in strengthening literacy skills!

Tip #5: Make a music video!

Choose a song your child already loves, and challenge them to come up with dance moves through the entire song! Ask them questions like, What costume will you wear? Where is your video going to take place? Where are you going to put your favorite dance move? Help them be the directors and the stars!

These were just a few of the many ways you can creatively bring and keep music in your home! Lots of these children can do by themselves, but children benefit from having their trusted grown ups participate with them as well. Also, be sure to check out our videos for at-home music!




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