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Art at Home: How-To DIY: Washable Paint & Car Decoration!

Although Artscape may not be happening this year, people all over Baltimore City are finding ways to celebrate the annual summer tradition!

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One of the most beloved traditions of the festival is the Art Car Show and Parade. For this event, ordinary vehicles are turned into fun, eye-popping displays of creativity and imagination. Wouldn’t it be fun to be able to create your own art car? Well, it’s actually not that hard to do! Today, we will be giving you a recipe for how to create your very own (and very washable) car paint!

Don’t have a car? No problem! This paint will also work on windows! It’s fun, easy to wash off, and is a great way to express your family’s creativity!

In this tutorial, we will give you a few options for how to create your paint, so feel free to experiment! 

Method One: Tempera Paint


● Washable tempera paint

● Dish soap (eco-friendly is best)

● Flour


1. Mix equal parts washable paint and dish soap. The exact measurements will depend on how much paint you would like (or how many little hands will be painting!), but a general 1:1 ratio works great!

2. At this point, the paint is going to be pretty watery, so use flour to thicken it up! This will make the paint less “drippy,” and will allow you to be more precise with your paintings! It also helps the paint stick to the windows better. How much flour you add is completely up to you! Add a little bit at a time and mix it up. Keep adding flour until you reach a consistency you like.

3. Paint your cars and windows and parade them through the streets! When you’re all done, this paint can be washed up with plain water!

Method Two: Chalk Paint


● Sidewalk chalk

● A mallet or hammer

● Dish soap

● Stir sticks or plastic spoons

● Washable tempera paint or food coloring (optional, but very helpful)

● Ziplock bags


1. Stick a few sticks of sidewalk chalk (make sure the sticks are all the same color) into a plastic bag. Carefully use a mallet or hammer to crush up the sidewalk chalk until it becomes a fine powder. Repeat this for each color that you would like to create.

2. Mix ½ a cup of chalk powder with 1 cup of dish soap. If you would like to make more paint, just double the recipe! Just remember that you want to add about twice as much soap as there is chalk powder.

3. Optional: Add some tempera paint or food coloring. It is often the case that the chalk and soap mixture alone does not create a very vibrant color, so stir in a little bit of washable tempera paint or food coloring to brighten things up!

4. Mix, mix, mix! Mix the paint together until it reaches a consistency similar to house paint.

5. Paint your cars and windows and parade them around town! When you’re all done, this paint can be washed right up with plain water.


Method Three: Shaving Cream Paint


● Shaving cream

● Washable tempera paint


This is the easiest (and least permanent) method of creating window paint. Although this paint may not last very long on your windows, it’s very easy to make and is particularly great for very little ones!

1. Fill a cup or bowl with a bunch of shaving cream!

2. Mix a few drops of washable tempera paint into the shaving cream. If you would like your paint to be brighter or more vibrant, keep adding paint until it reaches the desired color!

3. That’s it! You’re all ready to paint! Of course you can use paintbrushes, but we recommend letting your little ones use their hands and fingers to smoosh the paint around on the windows. The foamy shaving cream provides a fun and exciting tactile/sensory experience for our littlest friends (and grown-ups too!)

4. Show off your artwork! When you’re all done, you can wash this paint off using plain water.

Download the FREE DIY Washable Paint PDF!

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