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Bath Time Sensory Play Tips for Parents

Kiddo not a huge fan of bath time? Turn it into play time!

Visual Sensory Color Fun:

Using food coloring is a great way to learn about mixing colors while developing your little ones’ fine motor skills!

Note: Food coloring will not stain a standard tub but might stain scratches and dents in the material, be sure to check the tub before use.


  1. Empty, clean, and peel the labels off the plastic condiment containers
  2. Fill the bottles partially with water
  3. Add a few drops of food coloring to the container and then place the cap back on
  4. Squeeze them out into the tub to create fun colors in the bath water!

Tips for the activity

  • Once your little one gets use to their color bottles, have them try mixing the different colors to see what happens
  • What happens when you add more of one color than the other?
  • Having fun with colors? Try freezing colored ice to melt in the bath or place the food colored water into spray bottles!

Bathtime Play with Touch

Play with shaving cream, bubbles and more during bathtime! Check out a few of the easy-peasy ideas below to get you started: 

  • Place shaving cream on the walls of the bath for your child to play with. Challenge them to touch and play with the shaving cream and draw their own pictures!
  • Blow up party balloons with air and place them in the bath for you little one to explore
  • Try using sand pails and using them to make small waterfalls that your toddler can feel
  • Use beach and pool toys like cutting up pool noodles or playing with beach balls
  • Have fun with air bubbles! Show your child how to capture air with cups and bowls and release it under water

For some extra bath time sensory play fun, download our FREE PDF on how create your very own bath bombs!

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