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Be You-nique Week: Original Character Design Challenge

It's time to get creative and celebrate everything about YOU!

Be Younique Week Play Tips

Port Discovery Friends, gear up for a fun activity that’s all about self expression! In this activity, you're going to design some ‘Mini Me’s’ and Original Characters, or “O.C.’s”. Follow along with Port Discovery's Artist in Residence, Gen Fraser, in the How-To video below for some great inspo for creating your Original Character!

Start out by brainstorming what you want your design to look like. It could look exactly like you, like someone you admire, or a character of your own creation! Use your imagination and be creative! 

Great! Now it’s time to decorate them. Give your Original Character a hairstyle you think looks super-cool or dress them up in a way that speaks to you! You could even give them some accessories like a phone, a bag, a pair of skates or whatever you like. If it feels right, go with it! Enjoy the creative process.

Some suggestions for ways you can make your Mini Me or O.C.: 

  • Grab some paper, pencils, and markers for a cool sketch 

  • Collage a character using old magazines

  • Build a plush friend out of felt, cotton balls, old clothes or other fabric scraps 

  • Get 3-Dimensional with cardboard or sculpted paper, glue and tape 

The sky’s the limit in this project! You can make as many Original Characters as you like and show off all the things that make you uniquely YOU! It's so important to keep creating and keep celebrating who you are!

Be sure to share your Mini Me’s and O.C.s with us! We’d love to see what you come up with!


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