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Celebrating Black History Month with Your Child

Celebrating Black History Month with Your Child

Since the 1970s, the month of February has been devoted to recognizing the heritage, accomplishments and culture of African Americans.

With Valentines Day cookie-baking, card-making and fun on the way, take time this February to educate your little learner on the richness of African American culture and the obstacles many have faced and overcome.

How can you teach your child about the important contributions African Americans have made – and continue to make – to our society? Take a peek at our few tips and tricks below:

1. Visit Port Discovery on Weekends in February to enjoy Let it Shine – Black History Month Celebrations!

Port Discovery is thrilled to offer a variety of activities and performances from talented African Americans across the state of Maryland throughout February to educate visitors on the history, challenges and triumphs the Black community has faced and continues to battle.

Each weekend in February, visitors can enjoy interactive performances from African American artists, Diane Macklin: Storyteller and SOLE Defined, spoken word artists, fun game shows and more during Let it Shine – Black History Month Celebrations at Port Discovery!

Child entrepreneurs DJ Princess C and Frerés Branchiaux Candle Co. will also be visiting Port Discovery on select dates for Q&A sessions and interactive demonstrations. Children will learn about the hard work, dedicated and triumphs these child entrepreneurs have faced and since overcome, leading them to successful business owners.

Learn more about Let it Shine – Black History Month Celebrations!

2. Read Children’s Books by African American authors, About Notable African American Figures or Focused on African American Culture

Reading stories that highlight and educate your child about important African American figures, their life and their accomplishments can be a great discussion starter. Don’t be afraid to read these books year-round to your little learner, as it will help them understand the joys and challenges that children of all colors experience.

Not sure what books to read to get started? Check out the Scholastic Parents list of 17 Must-Read Picture Books to Celebrate Black History Month – book descriptions and buying opportunities included!

3. Watch Movies That Educate Kiddos On African American Lives and Experiences

A fun and entertaining way to educate your kiddo about African American activists, inventors and more, is by watching movies!

Movies such as Hidden Figures (2016), Remember the Titans (2000) or Akeelah and the Bee (2006) are just a few options that can help your child understand the life, obstacles and heroic impacts African Americans have had on our society.

Interested in finding more movies to watch? Check out Red Tricycle’s list of 10 Movies to Educate & Entertain Kids During Black History Month!

Celebrating Black voices, accomplishments and contributions throughout Black History Month will not only enrich your child’s life, but help them develop compassion and empathy for others in a society that increasingly becoming more diverse day by day.

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