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Connecting Children, Families and Communities during Lunar New Year

Lunar New Year is a national holiday celebrated by more than just the people of China. Korea, Vietnam, Singapore, and many more Asian countries also take part in celebrating this holiday each year!

Here at Port Discovery, we are committed to providing children and their families with opportunities to interact, play and learn with one another.

Lunar New Year is celebrated annually at Port Discovery Children’s Museum to connect little learners to what may be a brand new culture, but to also recognize and celebrate this widely-celebrated holiday!

From a captivating performance from the Chinese Lion Dancers of Tai Yim Kung Fu School, learning the art of calligraphy and chopsticks with the Xiamen Chinese Sister City, creating Red Envelopes in the StudioWorkshop and more, little learners and their families will enjoy the traditional Chinese culture through interactive activities and performances!

Check out our 3 reasons to celebrate Lunar New Year with your little learner below:

  1. Help Connect Children to Their Communities

Providing children with the opportunity to learn about and experience first-hand for themselves new cultures, traditions and the vast, wide-world around them helps connect children to the communities around them!

  1. Introduces New Cultures & Traditions

Teaching your child about different cultures and cultural diversity encourages compassion and curiosity as they grow older! Encourage your little learner to ask questions about the differences they see in other cultures and traditions, and follow up by learning about it together.

Think about visiting your local library, talking to members of a specific community, or attending a cultural festival or event – like Lunar New Year at Port Discovery!

  1. Better Understanding of the World

By introducing your child to the many diverse people and cultures around the world, the more accepting they will become of people and cultures that are different from them! In addition, children will also learn how important it is to be aware of other cultures and differences, but also how to value and respect them.

While these are just a few reasons to celebrate Lunar New Year and recognize other cultural holidays than what someone traditionally celebrates, the life-long impact of experiencing and learning another culture together will stay with your little learner as they grow.

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