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Constructive Play - 3 Reasons to Build & 3 Activity Ideas

Build, build and build some more!

One of a child's most favorite kinds of play - constructive play! Constructive play includes playful activities such as assembling, stacking, moulding, sorting items, or even dissembling! 

Constructive play can help strengthen many essential early childhood skills, but we love that constructive play: 

  • encourages children to problem-solve and helps advance problem-solving skills
  • helps a child actively understand cause-and-effect, balance, and gravity 
  • and ignites the imagination of your child!

Wondering how you can start encouraging your child to take part in constrive play activities? Here are three easy-peasy activity ideas to get you started:

1. Simple Objects Can Be Perfect Toys

All of those Amazon prime boxes stacked up in that corner? Yep - we're talking about those! Think of any empty boxes you may have llying around your house - and allow your kiddo to let their imagination run wild as they construct a massive cardboard creation, hideout, fort - whatever they desire! Building blocks are also another great option that you can use!

Asking your child questions as they're building such as, "what if you made it taller?" can help encourage your child to think ciritcally as they're building and stacking.

2. Kinetic Sand! - or any sand play! 

Kinetic sand has unique composition that makes the sand moldable - giving your kiddo creative freedom to sculpt, build and play with it - unlike normal sand that would require water! Some essential skills that are being developed while playing with kinetic sand include fine motor (using fingers to sculpt, pinch, poke), bilateral coordination (using both hands), and hand-eye coordination!

As the temps outside get warmer, if you have a sandbox available, you may want to experiment with water in the sand and ask your child about what they're experiening and how it is different, or the same as kinetic sand!

3. Building a Blanket Fort

The comfier, the better! Encourage your kiddo to get creative and build the largest fort they can within a given space. Once you hear that classic "I'm done!!", ask them how they've made sure that the fort is sturdy and won't fall down soon there after, or what they could do to make it more sturdy. Allow your kiddo to bask in their creation for the day - resulting for cozy story times even you'll have a hard time leaving! 

We hope you enjoyed these play tips and ideas on constrive play, Fans of Play! Be sure to tag us in any of your creations @portdiscovery! 

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