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Creative Arts Play Tips: Story Writing at Home

At Port Discovery, we love to make up stories to tell.

Story Writing at Home

Mermaids, pirates, dinosaurs, astronauts… they’re all very different, but they can all be part of the same amazing story! If there’s a story we especially like, we write it down. That way, we’ll always remember it, and can even read it to our family and friends.

Kids have lots of imagination, and they have stories to tell, too! Here are some tips for encouraging storytelling, and even writing stories of their own.

  1. Play the scribble game

Grab three pieces of paper and two pencils. Have your kid scribble for a minute on one of the papers — nothing specific, just a scribble. After a few seconds, stop! Look at the scribble. Now you have three minutes to write a story about the scribble!

This game relies on imagination! A scribble of a blob could be anything from a monster coming down from the sky to a magical spell cast by a fairy. Once your stories are ready, read them out loud — are they similar to each other, or different?

  1. Use a random word generator

Writers fighting against writer’s block sometimes use random word generators to bring new life into their story. They decide to incorporate whatever words come out of the generator, which takes the tale in new and exciting directions.

Play a game with your family using a word generator! Everyone gets the same three words, and has to write a story in five minutes that uses all three. The Game Gal’s family-friendly generator supplies simple nouns such as “worm,” “hat,” and “grass.” Your story can be about a little worm who travels the grass looking for a perfect hat to buy for his daddy worm. Or it can be about a shy worm who lost his baseball hat while he was napping in the grass by a baseball field. There are infinite possibilities and lots of laughs!

  1. Play MadLibs

MadLibs are the classic fill-in-the-blank storytelling games! A basic story structure already exists, but the key nouns, adjectives, and verbs are left blank. One player asks the other for a word of their choice — such as a color, an action verb, or a food — and fills in the blanks without reading the story. Once the blanks are filled, the story is read in full, and everyone laughs at the funny story that was created!

MadLibs are a great way to learn about the parts of speech. Check out the Port Discovery downloadable MadLibs, which you can print and fill out yourself! You can even write your own story, leaving out the important words, and play a homemade Mad Lib!

No matter how you write your story, we hope you have fun reading, writing, and imagining!


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