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What’s better than eating something sweet? Eating something sweet that you made yourself! There are many benefits to making your own dessert together as a family:

Have you ever wanted to build your own model satellite? Follow along with NASA Engineer & STEM Educator, Kenny Harris!  Necessary Items:

Ever wondered why you can taste so many different flavors! Let's find out how!  

3....2.....1.....blastoff!  Learning about science can be fun - and easy! 

Ever wonder how the moon got all the dents and craters in it? Let’s find out!  CAUTION: Mess Express! The experiment has the potential to be messier that other experiments, but is so worth it! 

Tools aren't just for building things....they are used in art, too!  Join Beth Yashnyk, Port Discovery's Visual Arts Specialist, as she takes viewers through a demonstration of different art making...

We're challenging YOU to re-create your favorite Port Discovery Children's Museum exhibit, activity or memory right from home! 

It's time to get creative and celebrate everything about YOU!

What unique things can you find in the outside world around you?

Explore educational books together that celebrate everyone's unique differences!


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