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Face Mask Wearing Tips & Tricks for Kids

Remember that first grocery store trip with your mask a few months back? Did you feel nervous, or some other kind of abnormal feeling? That’s totally okay! 

Face Mask Wearing Tips & Tricks for Kids

Your kiddo may also feel nervous, uneasy, or even possibly frightened by seeing people in masks. And that’s okay, too! We’re here to help provide you with helpful tips and tricks that will help your kiddo feel more comfortable with this new daily necessity. 

Tip #1 - Explain Why & Validate 

Your kiddos have probably heard about COVID-19 by now, but if not, it’s important to take the time to talk to them about why everyone is wearing masks now, the importance of it for themselves and others, and that their feelings and reactions are okay., 

Not sure how to explain COVID-19 in a kid-friendly way? has Doctor-reviewed articles on detailed ways you can explain Coronavirus to your kiddo - big or small - and what you can do to help them process the changing situation.

Tip #2 - Personalize & Express Yourself 

Make mask-wearing fun! Use this as an opportunity for your kiddo to express themselves, or even create their very own mask! 

Allow your kiddo to choose what color or patterned face mask they would like to wear! Getting them excited about this new accessory they’ll need to wear will help with the adjustment and possible hesitation. 

Another way is by choosing fabric for your masks together and sewing them at home - allowing your kiddo full creative freedom! Paw Patrol? Mickey Mouse? The Hulk? Let them sport their favorite characters, patterns and more via their face mask!

Did you know? World Smile Day happens October 2nd - and you can celebrate by creating your very own DIY Smiley Face Mask via our blog!

Tip #3 - Practice & Play!

Let your kiddo get used to mask-wearing before they’re in public! Start by wearing your mask inside your house together for short periods of time (parents, they’ll feel more comfortable if you’re wearing yours, too!). 

This way, your child can understand what wearing a mask feels like on their face, how it feels to walk around and talk with the mask on, and so on. 

Once the few minutes have passed, take off your masks and ask your kiddo what they thought, working through any uncomfortable feelings as they arise, prepping for your next outing in public. 

Another way to help your kiddo with mask-wearing? Incorporate it into play! Ensure them that masks are worn by medical superheroes who are here to protect them, their families and their communities from mean germs like the Coronavirus. (Super awesome superhero cape highly recommended but not required, parents!) 

While we get used to our communities with new and more safety measures, modified experiences, and more - we hope our mask-wearing tips & tricks will help make your next socially distant outing with kiddos be easy-peasy! 


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