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Fall Activities in the StudioWorkshop

Picasso Portraits, Aluminum Foil Figures, Paper Sculpture & Assemblage fun!

Clay Play - Studio Workshop

Happy Fall, Fans of Play!

With a new season comes new educational activities available inside the StudioWorkshop at Port Discovery! From practicing Picasso's Cubism technique to creating paper sculptures like Irving Harper, little learners can let their inner Van Gogh shine as they experiment with colors, textures and more inside the StudioWorkshop!

*The activities below will be available towards late September while we put the finishing touches on the project directions for our little learners.

Picasso Portraits

Allow your little learner to explore the artistic wonder world of Pablo Picasso in the StudioWorkshop this fall! Picasso, the pioneer of the artistic movement known as Cubism, is famous for his very unique portraits that feature different sections of geometic shapes, colors and painting techniques - making for some real wacky looking portraits! 

Little learners will explore Picasso's Cubism technique as they cut different shapes out of cardboard paper, draw their different facial features on each piece and combine them together to create their very own Cubist-style portrait! 

Aluminum Foil Figures

Learn about Swiss sculptor, painter and printmaker Alberto Giacometti as you create your very own version of a Giacometti human figure! Instead of bronze, little learners will work with aluminum foil to create their very own Giacometti-insipired Foil Figure! 

Paper Sculpture 

Using just paper, artist Irving Harper created artistic masterpieces and sculptures that wow-ed folks for years. Fans of Play and little learners can explore this artistic technique for themselves in the StudioWorkshop as they experiment with folding, bending, gluing and taping construction paper in different ways to create a final masterpiece. 


What is an assemblage, you ask? Assemblages are similar to collages..but they're in 3-D! An Assemblage is created when an artist combines several different types of materials to create a sculpture as the finished product.

Allow your little learner to explore the StudioWorkshop and look around for materials available they could use to create their very own assemblage! 

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