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At Home Theater Level 4: Sound!

How you can add sound effects to your at-home stage productions!

At Home Theater Play - Presented by M&T Bank

Hi, fans of play! Welcome to Home Theatre Design Level 3! If you haven’t checked out Levels 1 and 2 yet, you can watch them below! And check out our Level 3 blog post, here!


For Level 4, we’re going to give you some tips on adding SOUND EFFECTS into your amazing at-home productions, whatever they may be!

Be sure to check out the FREE downloadable for a simple how-to on creating your own drum at home and a fun activity! 

Tip #1: Pull up a playlist - or make your own!

What gets an audience excited for a show about to start? Music, of course! Who wants to sit in silence while they’re excited about a show? Music can add a lot to your audience’s experience!

  • Pre-Show: For your pre-show, it’s okay to have music with words in it! Think about your production and what happens in it, and think about songs you know. Are there any fun, upbeat songs with words that match what your show is about? Maybe if your show is about a happy day at the park, you use Pharrell Williams’s song Happy!
  • During the Show: Sometimes, if your songs have words during the show, your audience will have a hard time hearing what you’re saying! But there are lots of instrumental covers of pop songs and classical music to explore! Why not start here? Port Discovery's Spotify Account!

Tip #2: Kitchen instruments galore!

Lots of people LOVE to use kitchen tools to create an orchestra or band! And guess what? You can use them for simple sound effects beyond songs! Here are some ideas!

● Use pans and wooden spoons to create thunder, a giant’s footsteps, or to signal something exciting and climactic is about to happen!

● Use a whisk and a baking sheet to create spooky scratchy sounds, waves crashing against rocks, or a machine at work!

● Use two metals spoons to create wind chimes, bells, or a sound from a magic wand!

Tip #3: Use your voice!

There are so many wonderful things you can do with your voice! Try out some of these sound effects!

● To create a fire engine or police car sound, try pursing your lips like a fish and going: WEE-woo! WEE-woo! You can be as loud as you want!

● Can you click your tongue? A good tongue click can make sounds like a horse’s hooves clopping along, a knock at the door, or water drips!

● Make an “sh” sound! This can be the wind, a snake slithering through the sand, or a waterfall!

These are just a few examples of the limitless possibilities of making sound effects at home! Think about what you need to add to your play. What might be going on in the background? Are there sounds you can add to make the buildup of a conflict more suspenseful? The possibilites are endless - share yours with us! @Portdiscovery

Create Your Own Instrument & Name That Sound FREE PDF Download


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