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How-To DIY: Camping at Home!

Summer is in full effect and what better way to celebrate than with a camping trip?!

Dog Days of Summer Play Tips

But when you can’t go camping, there’s lots of ways to bring the fun of camping to you with activities you can enjoy at home; indoors or outdoors; day or night!  Check out our blog for 7 ways you can enjoy all the fun of camping, while at home: 

1. Build a Tent! 

If you have a tent, set it up in your backyard or other open space in your house.  If not you can easily build a shelter out of sheets, pillows, chairs, or whatever you’ve got on hand.  Keep it simple and roll out a sleeping bag or blanket to lie out “under the stars”.

DIY Tent At Home Camping

2. Build a 'Campfire'

You can get really creative with this one! Decorate a camping lamp or flashlight with colored paper for a toasty, roaring campfire! Here's a look at how ours turned out: 


3. Go for a Hike! 

Take a walk around your neighborhood or take a trip to a nearby trail. Observe the local plants and animals you see. You could even take the fun inside by creating and exploring your own DIY indoor nature scape!


4. Make Friendship Bracelets! 

International Friendship Day is July 30th, and you can celebrate with this fun camp classic: friendship bracelet making! Here’s a guide to help you make one style of these bracelets.  

Image 1: Tie 4 piece of yarn or embroidery floss together; tape down to secure.

Bracelet - Image 1

Image 2: Take the right most strand, in this case blue, and cross it over the one immediately to its left.

Bracelet - Image 2

Image 3: Wrap around that strand and pull the end through.

Bracelet - Image 3

Images 4 & 5: Continue to pull tightly and push the knot toward the top of the strand.

Bracelet - image 4 Bracelet - image 5
Image 6: Make sure the knot is secure

Images 7 & 8: Using the original strand (blue strand), continue to make these knots around each of the remaining strands, moving down the row toward the left.

Bracelet - Image 7 Bracelet - Image 8

Image 9: One knots have been made all the way down the row, repeat images 2 - 6 with the new right-most strand/next color. Continue until your desired length is reached. 

Bracelet - Image 9

Image 10: Enjoy!

Bracelet - Image 10

5. Make S'mores! 

  1. On a foil lined cookie sheet line up graham cracker squares roughly 2” apart. 

  1. Place pieces of your choice of chocolate on top of the graham crackers.  (you can use any kind you like, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, peanut butter cups, skies the limit!) 

  1. Place marshmallows on top of each chocolate piece. 

  1. Heat in a 350 degree oven for 3-5 min or until the chocolate and marshmallows begin to melt and brown. 

  1. Top each marshmallow with another graham cracker square.  Allow them to cool slightly and enjoy! 

Smores DIY

6. Sing Campfire Songs!

Gather around your “campsite” with family or friends and jam out to some of these classic camp tunes or bring your own favorites to the party.  Invite others to join in via video chat for a fun virtual camp sing along. 

Herman The Worm  | Down By The Bay | A Camping We Will Go 

7. Stargazing!

As day turns to night on your camping adventure, continue the fun with this activity.  Look up at the sky; what do you see?  Can you spot any of these constellations?

Constellation - NASA

Image courtesy of NASA.


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