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How To DIY: AT Home Cubby & Desk for Kids

Create a kid-friendly virtual learning environment for under $15!

At Home Cubby Space and Desk for Kids

One thing we all remember about grade school...the cubbys and our desks with our nametag!

While school looks a bit different this year and more like a laptop set up on your kitchen table, you can still create a learning-friendly environment in your home for your kiddo with our easy-peasy tips below!

At Home Cubby

Two things in one: a place for your little one to store their school related items, and a simple organizer! Win-win!

How can you create your kiddo’s at-home cubby? You may even be able to create one with things you have already in your house!

We recommend using a small, inexpensive file crate like this one from Walmart! (One good thing about school at home? No bulky backpack!)

This crate can be used to store any important papers within folders, necessary school supplies and electronics and anything else your kiddo may need to start the school day!

Bonus: You can spend time together on the weekend decorating it! Plus, it’s so small that it’s very simple to store away once the school day is over. 


At Home School Desk (even if you may not have a desk!)

Anyone else have their kitchen table now turned into the school desk for 8 hours a day? Or possibly even their couch with that pull out, collapsible table? We. Feel. You.

It’s still easy-peasy to turn any area where your kiddo is learning into a productive environment, no matter what you’re working with!

  • Decorate a nametag with your child
    • Even though not everyone may see it during the school day, decorating a nametag with your child can get them excited about their new friends, learning new things and what’s to come!
  • Lighting is everything - and so are breaks!
    • If a window isn’t available, ensure your kiddo has enough lighting where they are learning to stay focused
    • Take screen breaks together! Take a few minutes to step outside together - birdwatch, play hopscotch, whatever you both enjoy!
  • Set up in the morning & take down at night

Right now, it can be difficult to set boundaries while both working and virtual learning at home.

Making part of your daily routine be setting up your kiddo’s virtual learning desk together - and taking it down & putting it away together - can help your kiddo understand that school time is beginning or over - helping adjust them to this new and ultra-different routine.

Do you have any tips to share for virtual learning with other parents? We’d love to hear! Be sure to tag us @portdiscovery #portdiscovery.


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