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The Importance of School Readiness

Getting children ready for school involves a multitude of activities – from ensuring they meet all of the requirements for registration and have all of the right supplies – to ensuring they have all of the skills they’ll need to succeed.

The Importance of School Readiness

With readiness for school being one of the most important factors in your child’s academic and life success, we believe whole-heartedly in playing a role in ensuring parents and caregivers have access to activities and resources they need to help children be ready and successful when they enter Kindergarten.

Why is it important for your little one to work on skills like language and literacy, fine and gross motor skills, math, science, emotional skills, listening and more at a young age?

  • Research indicates that the first five years of a child’s live is a time when the brain is building the pathways that provide the foundation for all future learning. (Source: Ready at Five)
  • Building these skills can help your child participate and succeed in school. After all, language and literacy, math, science and listening skills are ones that are part of a school-age child’s everyday life.
  • Physical and social skills as well as skills in literacy, language, math, and science help set the stage for future learning.

There are a number of ways to prepare your children for school – from engaging them in informal learning activities like the purposeful play we offer at Port Discovery to enrolling them in preschool programs, individual classes for music, art, theater, sports, and plenty more.  

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