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Introducing the Mess Zone & Clay Play in our Art Studio

Get messy and play with clay in the BGE Studio Workshop at Port Discovery this summer!

Little girl painting dinosaur

Take part in hands-on projects designed to spark your child’s imagination and encourage art exploration! Get messy, play with clay, and work on art projects together with friends and family this summer in Port Discovery’s BGE Studio Workshop! Join us daily throughout the summer in our collaborative art studio as we explore new, hands-on projects. Participate alongside your child in guided, educational lessons as they develop their essential skills through play and exploration.

Activities will change throughout the year. This summer, featured activities include:

  • Enter the Mess Zone as we decorate a giant Stegosaurus together!
  • Get your hands dirty digging and playing in clay during our Clay Play activity. You can dig fossils out of clay, use cookie cutters to create new creations, and make clay creations of your own in this fun, hands-on activity.
  • Learn something about prehistoric leaves as you make Wild Leaf and Fossil Rubbings with us.

Besides having fun getting a bit messy and exploring art, these projects are designed to help children learn gross and fine motor skills, encourage the manipulation of art media, expose children to art tools like clay and sculpting instruments, and inspire children to explore. 

Activities are included with general admission and no registration is required.

Programs and exhibits at Port Discovery are made possible in part by the Citizens of Baltimore County and by the Howard County Arts Council through a grant from Howard County Government.

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