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A Kids' Guide: Exploring Your Emotions Through Colors

Easy Activites for Kids to Express and Explore Their Emotions

Health & Wellness Play Tips

Colors Can Show Feelings, Too! Here are some tips for encouraging your little ones to explore and express their emotions with colors!

As we move into the summertime, you and your kiddos will naturally be seeing more colors outside as plants bloom and more animals come out of their cozy homes. The changing of seasons can also bring up new opportunities and challenges, as well as new emotions! A great way to be creative and encourage emotional intelligence is to express emotions with colors! Here are some fun activities to try out!

Tip 1: Sing a Song! Expressing Emotion with Music

Try singing this song with your kiddos! Using a song like this will help your children remember which colors we’re using to express which emotions. You can always feel free to change the emotions assigned to the colors if your little one finds they can relate more to a different one! For an added challenge, write a new song of your own!

To the tune of If You’re Happy and You Know It!: If you’re happy and you know it, shout yellow! (X3)
If you’re jealous and you know it, shout out green! (X3)
If you’re angry and you know it, shout out red! (X3)
If you’re blue and you know it, shout out blue! (X3)
If you’re tired and you know it, shout purple! (X3)
If you’re excited and you know it, shout orange! (X3)

Tip 2: Color Poetry! Expressing Emotion with Literacy

This is a great activity you can stagger for children’s ages and developmental levels! Little ones will need a grown up’s or an older sibling’s help, and older ones can try it out on their own (and adults, too!). You can write these poems for any color you’d like. Make a whole rainbow! Once you write your poem, you can also decorate the pages with markers and crayons, glitter, ribbon, scrapbook paper, or any colorful craft supplies you have lying around!

Here’s the format:
Red is…
Red looks like…
Red sounds like...
Red smells like…
Red feels like…
Red tastes like…
Red is…

This exercise will not only introduce your kiddos to the wonderful world of poetry, but it will help them think creatively about expressing their emotions and get them using their vocabulary bank! This exercise is even fun for middle and high schoolers!

Tip 3: Emotion Color Wheel! Expressing Emotion with Creative Art

Kids of any age can do this activity, too, with guided help where needed! This is an arts and crafts activity that will help your kids develop a new and healthy way of expressing their emotions.

All you need is:

  • A paper plate, or a piece of paper cut in a circle
  • Markers, crayons, or colored pencils
  • A ruler
  • A black marker


  • Help your kiddo divide the circle into six sections by drawing straight lines across with your ruler and marker, like a pizza pie!
  • Then, color in each section with different colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple.
  • Finally, ask your child to think about what each color makes them feel. Is yellow going to be happy, or hungry, maybe?
  • Let them choose - you might be surprised at their choices!
  • Once they make their choices, have them draw themselves feeling those emotions in the same section.

You get to do a fun art project, and you’ll have a tool to pull out when your child is having trouble expressing what they’re feeling! Win-win!

How-To: DIY Emotional Color Wheel 


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