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Literary Treats!

Take a bite out of Harry Potter with these family-friendly snacks, inspired by the books and movies!

Literary Treats

Who loves the Harry Potter stories more: you or your kids? J. K. Rowling’s novels have been enchanting readers since Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was published in 1997. The books tell the story of Harry, a young wizard who must defeat evil while also succeeding at his magical school, Hogwarts.

Harry Potter is famous for many reasons, and one of those reasons is food! From Butterbeer to Chocolate Frogs, the story invented tons of delicious treats. Today’s entry of Literary Treats will introduce your family to three more kid-friendly recipes to enjoy.

Chocolate wands

Every witch and wizard needs a strong wand to perform their magic. Harry’s wand is special to him, and different than the wands his friends use. As the wandmaker Mr. Ollivander says, “the wand chooses the wizard.”


-       Pretzel rods

-       Twizzlers or other licorice (any colors)

-       Milk, dark, and/or white chocolate bars

-       Mini chocolate chips

-       Coconut shavings

-       Sprinkles


1.     Melt the chocolate bars.

2.     Decorate pretzel rods and/or licorice any way you want! Get creative. Coat a strawberry Twizzler in white chocolate and coconut shavings, or a pretzel rod in dark chocolate and purple sprinkles! Make your wand look just the way you like it.

3.     Add some red or green sprinkles at the end of your wand to show the sparks of magic flying out!

Pretzel broomsticks

One of Harry’s favorite parts about being a wizard: flying! Like any wizard, Harry learns to fly on a broomstick, and he loves soaring above the ground in a good game of Quidditch.


-       Pretzel sticks and pretzel rods

-       Cotton candy

-       Mini-marshmallows and regular marshmallows


1.     Break the cotton candy into small pieces. Attach a piece to one end of a pretzel rod. This is your broom!

2.     Use a regular marshmallow and a mini marshmallow to make a marshmallow-Harry! With pretzel sticks, attach Harry’s body (regular marshmallow) to his head (mini). Use extra pretzels for arms and legs.

The Burrow

Ron Weasley, Harry’s best friend, lives with his parents and six siblings at the Burrow. The house is lopsided and held up by magic, but to Harry it becomes a second home.

A house held by magic can look any way you want! How tall can your Burrow be?


-       Graham crackers, sandwich cookies, or chocolate chip cookies

-       Marshmallow fluff

-       Pretzel rods

-       Colored frosting


1.     Use the graham crackers or cookies to make a tall tower. Add marshmallow fluff to make it stickier, and to connect pieces together. These are the walls of the Burrow. Make it as tall as you want!

2.     Use pretzel rods as support beams. Put them underneath a wobbly section and see if they support the house!

Hagrid’s Hut

Harry’s first friend is Hagrid, the friendly half-giant who lives next to Hogwarts. His hut is a place for Harry and his friends to relax and drink tea… or for Hagrid to introduce them to his latest monster pet.


-       Graham crackers

-       Marshmallow fluff

-       Sugar wafer

-       Pretzel sticks

-       Candy corn or orange jelly beans

-       Pumpkin candies

-       Hershey’s Kiss (optional)


1.     Break six full-size graham crackers in half.

2.     Coat the edges of each graham crackers in marshmallow fluff. Stick the pieces together, using the fluff as a glue, to make an open hexagon shape (or a square shape for simplicity). These are the walls of the hut.

3.     Coat six pretzel sticks with chocolate spread. Stick four on to one of the walls in a square shape. Lay one pretzel vertically in the middle of the square, and add one horizontally in the square. This is one of Hagrid’s windows.

4.     Coat the back of a sugar wafer with marshmallow fluff. Place it inside the hut and press to a wall. This is the chimney. Place candy corn or orange jelly beans below the wafer, as the fire.

5.     Add pumpkin candies underneath the window, as part of Hagrid’s pumpkin patch.

6.     Optional: use more graham crackers and marshmallow fluff to construct a roof. Use a Hershey’s Kiss as the tip of the roof.

We'd love to see what you and your family create - share with us @portdiscovery & #portdiscovery! 


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