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Port Discovery is currently open on Saturdays and Sundays. We are operating at less than 25% capacity and have made a variety of other updates to provide you with a safe, fun experience. Plan Your Visit and Purchase Tickets Today! 

Making the Most Out Of Repeat Visits to Port Discovery

One of the best parts about visiting Port Discovery Children’s Museum time and time again? Each day of play is different and full of all new adventures, learning experiences and opportunities for your little learner to enjoy!

BIG New Exhibits at Port Discovery - The SkyClimber and The Port!
Even better – each visit is different for the adult, too! By adventuring with your little one through the three floors of interactive exhibits in the Museum, you’ll create new memories with your little one – and be able to see how they are working on necessary early childhood developmental skills!

Check out 3 tips below that help make every visit to Port Discovery a great day well spent:

1. Take Advantage of Early Childhood Drop-In Programs

Port Discovery is thrilled to offer a variety of drop-in programs and activities for infants, pre-schoolers and more.

These drop-in programs are designed to meet educational standards and themes are changed regularly to keep programs fresh and exciting for all participants!

The best part about them? Each drop-in program experience is different each time! New songs, new stories, new friends to play with!

Current Drop-In Programs:

Mother Goose on the Loose®- Enhance early literacy and develop fine motor skills during our drop-in program, Mother Goose on the Loose®! Explore classic nursery rhymes, songs, flannel board characters and more during this interactive drop-in program for little ones!

Tiny Tots Music Time - Explore music and movement through play, laughter and lots of fun in this interactive program that involves both you and your little one! You'll dance, sing, use small instruments, play with scarves, and more. Tiny Tots Music Time helps your child work on concepts like rhythm, motor skills and more!

Circle Time - Who doesn't love a good story time? Join us for daily drop-in program, Circle Time to explore story books and expand your child's imagination and creativity! Dance around to a fun tune, listen to a thrilling story book and relax in The Oasis!

2. Explore Exhibits & Ask New Questions Along The Way

One of the best part about visiting Port Discovery is being able to explore, touch and adventure all through the exhibits with your kiddo!

 Port Discovery loves to see parents getting in on the fun with their little one – here are some tips to help make each visit to an exhibit new and exciting:

  • Ask New Questions Along The Way: Asking your kiddos “why” and “how” as they’re experimenting and adventuring through exhibits is a great way to interact with them and encourage new activities they may not have previously recognized or seen.
  • Role Play Along: Pretend play is beloved here at Port Discovery, by adults and kiddos alike! Pretend to be a customer inside Tiny’s Diner as your kiddo serves you breakfast, lunch and dinner, become the S.S. Friend Ship’s Captains and help navigate the ship into international ports, become a soccer star inside Kick it Up! and more! Role-playing along helps your child’s imagination grow, while creating life-long memories they’ll cherish forever.

3. Try Something New & Different

Didn’t have a chance to explore all of the exhibits your last visit? Interested in creating a brand new art project inside the StudioWorkshop? Never had a chance to experience Tiny Tots Music Time?

Because Port Discovery regularly offers new and changing activities, each visit to Port Discovery is full of new and exciting experiences for your little learner to enjoy!

You can check out upcoming events at Port Discovery via the Event Calendar to ensure you plan your next visit around some unforgettable experiences!

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