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Chapter 12 Reading Tips Dorothy meets the Wicked Witch of the West - and lots of big things happen!

Celebrate National Poetry Month and join Mr. Derek & his friend Hatter for a dramatic reading of The Walrus and the Carpenter!   

Follow along with our blog to help educate your child about world famous poets like Emily Dickenson, Baltimore native Edgar Allen Poe and more!

Chapter 11 Reading TipsDorothy and her friends meet the Wizard - but it’s not what they expect!

You’re a Poet, Don’t You Know It! Staying safe at home is a perfect setting for celebrating April as National Poetry Month!

Follow along with some simple DIY Science Experiments from the experts themelves - NASA! Stretchy Universe Slime

Chapter Ten Reading Tips  Dorothy and her friends FINALLY reach the Emerald City! Welcome back to Story Time with Port Discovery! In Chapter 9, Dorothy and her friends finally escaped the dangers of...

Chapter Nine Reading Tips The Tin Woodman makes friends with the Queen of the Field Mice, who helps the group of travelers!

Chapter Eight Reading Tips A friendly bird comes to save the day! But, another danger leaves us on a cliffhanger…! Welcome back to Story Time with Port Discovery! Last week, Dorothy and her friends...

Chapter Seven Reading Tips  Dorothy and her friends use their skills to escape a sticky situation!


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