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Mindfulness and Meditation Practices For Families & Children

+ Free Downloadable Meditation Script

Play at Home Tips sponsored by M&T Bank

Life can get a little crazy and busy at times, and everyone could use a break.  Activities like these are there to help ground and calm you so you can work through whatever life throws at you. 

Understanding how you’re feeling and why can be an important first step towards improving mental and emotional health (and we could all benefit from being a little healthier). 

Mindfulness activities can aid in processing emotions or simply help to make you feel good. Whether good, bad, or somewhere in between, it’s important to take time to examine your feelings and acknowledge them. 

It's important to spend some time caring for yourself and others. Moments of mindfulness are great reminders that you’re human (just like everyone else), and that’s a beautiful thing! 

Suggested Activities: 

There isn’t one set way to practice mindfulness. Whatever feels right to you is right for you! If you get stuck or just want a little help getting started, here are some suggestions. . .  

  • Guided Meditations - Tune in and follow along with our Guided Meditation Facebook Live happening soon OR download a script to use at home with your family! 

  • Day Dream - Let your imagination guide you on an adventure of your own making.   

  • Midday Stretch Break - Feel free to include some yoga poses or just stick to basic stretches; whatever feels most comfortable to your body.  Regardless of what movement you choose, make it a point to ask yourself “how does this stretch feel”, “where am I feeling it”, “what do my feet feel like on the ground”, and other similar questions.   

  • 2 Minute Free Draw - Take a brain break and draw or paint for 2 minutes straight without stopping.  For this exercise, don’t worry about creating a perfect masterpiece; just focus on what feels good!  Bring some extra life and energy into these pieces by switching up your colors.  For an added challenge try drawing or painting without lifting your pen, pencil, or paintbrush off the paper!    

  • 2 Minute Free Write - Write for 2 minutes straight without stopping or scratching words out.  The key here is to just let your mind be free to express the first thing that pops into it.  Don’t think, just write! 




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