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Movement Fun Activities for Families

Get up and moving together while still having a ton of fun with kid-approved activities! 

Health & Wellness Play Tips

Activity 1: Bucket Tumble! OR Box Tumble!

Set-up Location: Good for both indoors and outdoors!

What’s Needed:

  • A few buckets and a ball OR a few boxes and a pillow


Step 1: Arranged your buckets or boxes in a pyramid or wall formation.

Step 2: Then kick the ball or throw the pillow and at your structure and then watch it tumble!

  • How many buckets or boxes fall at a time?
  • Can you make the entire structure tumble in one kick or throw!?
  • If space allows try backing up further away from the structure for a further kick or throw.

Step 3: Repeat as many times as you enjoy!

Play Tips: This activity promotes gross motor skills through kicking and throwing, as well as balance and coordination!

Bucket Tumble 1

Bucket Tumble 2

Activity 2: Number Toss!

Set-up Location: Good for both indoors and outdoors!

What’s Needed:

  • Step Ladder or boxes
  • Beanbags or rolled socks
  • Numbers on paper or masking tape
  • Pad or piece of paper
  • A writing utensil


Step 1: Set up your ladder with numbers hanging from rungs or taped on rungs. Or set up an arrangement of boxes with number showing. (See pictures below)

  • Tip: numbers can be in the single, double or triple digits. Whichever is most appropriate for your little learner(s).

Step 2: Use an under-hand toss of your bean bags/socks at your ladder or box set up and tally your numbers!

  • Pick how many tosses you want to tally for your total number.
  • If more than one person is playing, take turns tossing or toss at the same time with different colored beanbags or socks.

Play Tip: This activity promotes gross motor skills and definition between an under-hand toss versus an over-hand throw, hand-eye coordination, as well as number recognition and math.

Number TossNumber Toss 2

Activity 3: Blanket Pull! (Best on hardwood, tile or linoleum floors)

Set-up Location: Best for indoors on slick floors, hardwood, tile, or linoleum. Also doable outdoors on grass.

What’s Needed:

  • A few throw blankets
  • A minimum of 2 people


Step 1: Have one person sit on the blanket and the other on pull!

  • Tip: Best for the sitting person to have their back to the person pulling.

Step 2: Have older siblings and/or adults pull children on the blanket and try having younger siblings or children pull the older sibling and/or adults!

  • Pull in a straight line, in a circle, in a zigzag, around the room or piece of furniture.
  • Multiple people and blanket: have a race from point A to point B

Step 3: Repeat for as long as you enjoy!

Play Tip: This activity promotes gross motor skills and strength building, as well as teamwork! 


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