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Play Within a Play

Did you know that your support helps deliver a series of interactive and educational theater programs each year at the Museum?

As one member-adult recently shared: “programs like this are the reason that we come to Port Discovery!”

In “Captain Rhodes and the Marine Highway,” children are active participants in each performance, role-playing rain, thunder, lightning, and waves with various percussion instruments and pieces of billowing cloth. Children also practice reading directions with a map’s compass rose, and learn vocab words like radar, landmark, navigation, and port.

“Don’t give up” cries Captain Rhodes to his young audience as they work to help him navigate his raft through the surging waters. At the end of the performance, to sounds of applause, participants are recognized for helping put on a unique, original show.

Port Discovery’s newest theatrical production, “Captain Rhodes and the Marine Highway”, dramatizes the different tools and methods mariners can use to navigate the ocean, and the challenges that they can face along the way.

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