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It feels like summer has just arrived, and yet…it’s time to start thinking about getting our kids ready for a new – and (yet again) different – school year. Whether your little one will be attending...

As parents, caregivers, educators and human beings – we all want the very best for our children. We want them to grow up to be happy and healthy, in a world where they can achieve whatever they want...

Play. It’s a simple word – but one of the most important and essential things we can offer to children as they develop and grow.

Ahh...the summer solstice! Take advantage of the longest day of the year and make plans to celebrate this astronomical event with your family!

Port Discovery Children’s Museum and T-Mobile are partnering to bring educational PlayPacks directly to Harford County, Maryland residents in collaboration with the Harford County Public Library...

Play is one of the very best ways that children develop the skill sets they need for healthy social and emotional skills, to manage toxic strength, and to support their mental health. 


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